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  The very first question most of our customers ask us is – "How much do you charge per window?"

  The price varies. It depends on many different factors such as the type of the windows which you have, type of window frames and mechanisms, danger and complexity of the job, window accessibility from the interior and exterior, how dirty they are and several other factors.

  The most important factor which includes all the stated above is TIME. How much time it will take to make your windows clean? The price for the job is the direct reflection of the time we have to spend to complete the job to your satisfaction. Time is the primary reason why you can find a wide variety of prices on the market. We do not compromise quality or customer satisfaction.

  The lower the price, the faster the job must be completed, This means less or no time for preparing your apartment, taking care of your furniture, floors and carpets, window coverings and other things in the way of the window cleaner, no time for thorough cleaning, tidiness and glass detailing, wiping sills, even basic glass scraping. But you’ll definitely get a really cheap price.
The choice is yours – you get what you pay for.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best value – the best quality job for the lowest price!

  For a complete list of our pricing, please visit our Pricing and Rates Page where you can find our basic average prices for different types of windows. For more information, please call us at (917) 251-4450.

  When you call us, our expert will answer all of your questions and you will work with your schedule to set up a free on-site estimate.

  The purpose of the estimate to assess the job and determine the necessary labor and time needed to do the job. Estimates generally take 10-15 minutes.

Simon’s Policy is to provide you with a realistic price for the job
  Simon’s estimate policy is to provide you with a realistic price for the job. When we provide you with an estimate for our services—unlike most of our competitors—we give you the estimated maximum price for the job, not the minimum. We want to be fair with our customers and give you the real price, not the minimum just to get a job and then charge you extra for different ‘things’ which happen not to be included in the Estimate.

  Your price estimate will be based on the time needed to thoroughly clean your windows to our highest standards, and that automatically includes: - Removing and replacing all your belongings from window sills
- Taking care of your expensive curtains and window coverings
- Moving and replacing all furniture
- Carefully working with hard-to-open, problematic windows or windows with broken mechanisms
- Removing and re-installing child protection gates
- Safe and careful operation of ladders and other necessary equipment
- Wiping down window sills and window frames
- Basic glass scraping

And we detail every window we wash with chamois for perfect results!

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