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How often should I have my windows professionally washed?

  The period of time between window washing varies, depending on several factors. Is your property exposed to elements which cause windows to get dirty quicker than normal (such as high traffic roads or waterfronts)? Do you like your windows to sparkle day after day?

  Over the years, we’ve noticed that homeowners vary the frequency with which they have their windows cleaned. Some prefer annual cleaning, while others prefer more frequent service - twice per year, quarterly, or some even monthly. Many homeowners have their windows cleaned for "spring cleaning" and then before the holidays in September-November.

  Another method that many seem to like is having the entire apartment or house done once or twice per year and then have certain prominent windows done monthly. This type of scheduling also helps keep costs down. Monthly service might include a large glass area that you want to keep especially clean such as a glass sunroom or a living room with a view. And don't forget all important kitchen windows or those glass doors that seem to attract fingerprints like a magnet. It is quite common for these windows to be cleaned monthly.

  We offer all these time tables depending on your residential needs. Upon your request, we will be happy to help you with developing your own window cleaning schedule. You'll be able to keep your windows clean all year around at reasonable cost.

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