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Why Choose Simonís Window Cleaning?

• We are professional window cleaners
• We are incorporated and fully insured!
• We show up on time in clean company trucks.
• Over 78% of our business comes from repeat clients.
• Our employees are highly qualified, trained and experienced.
• All of our window specialists are always clean, neat and wearing uniform.

Window cleaning is an industry that attracts many part-timers and some true non-professionals. Before you hire a window cleaner, be sure to check the following:

• Is the window cleaner wearing a uniform?
• Does the company have a website?
• Are references available?
• Is the window cleaner in the phone book?

If nothing else, ask for certificates of insurance from your window cleaner. Professional window cleaners will have an insurance certificat with them at all times, and ready to provide upon request.

If you hire a window cleaner who cannot provide the following insurance certificate, you are putting yourself at risk!

  • General Liability Certificate
  • Workers Comp Certificate (An absolute must! Many window cleaners do not have this. If you hire a window cleaner who does not carry workers comp and someone gets hurt on your property, guess who pays? You do!)

We are always happy to provide you with more information. Do not hesitate to contact us at (917) 251-4450 or by e-mail ask-simonsimonswindows.com.

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