How To Kiss Streaks Goodbye

When it comes to cleaning windows, streaks are the worst enemies. Even the most professional and experienced window cleaners have to deal with streaks. Anyone, who has ever cleaned a window, is familiar with this situation: you spend several hours washing, squeegeeing, and drying your windows only to see a dozen of streaks when the sun comes out.

How To Kiss Streaks Goodbye
Did you know that there are several types of steaks? Professional window cleaners know how to deal with each one of them. Whether you are planning a weekend window cleaning session or thinking of inviting professional washers, knowing all about the streaks can help you achieve the best results.
Streaks accompany every window cleaner. Learn how to fight them.

1. Squeegee Drying

Every time you pass a squeegee down or across the window, wipe the rubber part dry. Always have a clean chamois napkin to do the job.

2. Minimize the Pressure

When you press hard on the window with window washing tools, the streaks are bound to appear. Of course, if you are dealing with really dirty windows, you need to use the pressure. But once you are putting on some final touches, keep the pressure to a minimum.

3. Replace Squeegee Rubber

Squeegee is the most revolutionary window-cleaning tool. Even though it is tough, it wears out with time. Make sure to change the rubber part on a regular basis. Otherwise, you’ll face streaks.

4. Fit The Squeegee Rubber

If the squeegee rubber is not fitted properly, you’ll have to deal with a great variety of streaks. Spend an extra minute checking the rubber fit. It will pay off.

5. Choose Squeegee Size

Smaller windows may require a smaller squeegee. If your squeegee is larger than the glass, you won’t be able to use it properly. Buy several squeegees of different size.

6. Don’t Stop Midway

When you are running a squeegee across the glass, don’t stop halfway. You’d be forced to do the job over. Stopping midway leads to streaks.
Fast, effective and high-quality window cleaning is a tough job. Consider hiring a professional for a seasonal cleaning / wash.