6 Most Dangerous Jobs In The USA

It seems that in the high-tech world of today, the only dangerous occupations left are police officers and bomb disposal specialists. However, much more mundane professions made their way to the most dangerous jobs list.

6 Most Dangerous Jobs In The USA
Most people don’t realize how many occupational hazards there are in the world. Whatever seems like a mundane and not-so-high-paying job can turn out to be very dangerous. That’s why sometimes simple services and products can cost higher than you expect since the risk is factored into the cost.

1. Logging Workers

These people spend their workdays working with heavy machinery. About 100 logging workers out of 100,000 die in the USA every year. Besides heavy equipment, the risk factors are bad weather and high altitudes.

2. Fishermen

When it comes to earning money by fishing, it’s far from being a fun and relaxing time spending. Fishermen may face bad equipment and stormy weather. This is the second most dangerous job in the country. Every year, about 80 American fishermen out of 100,000 die while working.

3. Roof Workers

The guys, who install and repair your roof, are doing a dangerous job. The falls are the leading cause of fatalities among roofers. Bad weather and equipment problems add to the statistics. About 47 out of every 100,000 roofers die every year.

4. Agricultural Workers

Farmers and ranchers put in long hours out in the sun and rain. They deal with heavy equipment that often leads to fatal injuries. About 27 out of 100,000 agricultural workers die every year.

5. Taxi Drivers

Being out on the road for several hours a day is a tough job that leads to many fatalities. Bad weather, heavy traffic, and drunk drivers boost the accident risk. These workers also visit highly criminal areas. About 18 out of 100,000 taxi drivers die every year.

6. Window Cleaners

A window washer is a highly risky profession. The injuries are common since the cleaners work with machinery, in bad weather, and at heights. Most window cleaning professionals are protected from the elements and falls, however, the fatalities still occur. About 15 New York window washers fall every day.