Why Window Cleaning Contracts Are Important

Signing window cleaning contracts is a preferable way of work for any window washing company. At Simon’s Window Cleaning, we work with residential clients, who usually prefer to schedule a cleaning whenever they feel like it. However, such an approach can result in higher cleaning fees and worse results.

Why Window Cleaning Contracts Are Important

Obviously, these contracts allow us to earn more money on repeat clients, who might otherwise forget or avoid the next window washing session. Since we are highly interested in bringing the clients back for another cleaning, we are offering them certain incentives. For example, an initial session can cost up to 50 percent more than the repeat cleaning.

If you sign a window cleaning contract, you can opt for bi-annual or seasonal cleanings and save money on each one of them. In case you work without a contract and miss a cleaning, your next session may be considered as another initial cleaning. So you would be paying extra even if your windows seem to be in a good condition.

Most window cleaning companies that work with commercial buildings sign long-term contracts. Residential homes are not much different. Of course, residential window cleaning is not as frequent as commercial, but it still has to be done on a regular basis.

Another benefit of signing window cleaning contract is scheduling. When the time for spring or fall cleanings comes, it’s often hard to schedule a session whenever you want to. Many people are creating a hype over these cleaning, booking any company in sight. The contract ensures that you get a window cleaning whenever you need it. The company representative will call you up and ask for a convenient time.

Window cleaning companies are ready to make concessions for regular clients. That’s why the contracts are designed to satisfy the returning customer. At Simon’s Window Cleaning, over 78 percent of the clients come back for other services. That’s why window cleaning contracts are on the agenda.