Why Rain Is Now A Window Cleaner’s Enemy

It’s hard to find a person, who loves rain. Of course, when you are sitting near a fireplace, reading your favorite book and listening to the raindrops knocking on the window, the rain seems kind of nice.

Why Rain Is Now A Window Cleaner’s Enemy

But how often does this actually happen? In a majority of cases, it starts raining when you are planning to take a long walk with friends. Or when you have already prepared everything for a barbecue. Rain is there when you need to walk the dog in the morning and when you need to take a long car trip.

People often say that rain comes out of pure spite right after they wash their windows or cars. For an unknown reason, the majority of our clients believe that cleaning windows during the rainy seasons is useless. They often ask why we recommend scheduling window washing in the spring and fall when the chances of rain are the highest. And they are always surprised to hear that we are not afraid of rain.

Washing your windows is not the same as washing your car. When it comes to cars, rain mixes with the dirt on the roads and splashes onto your vehicle making it dirty again. So when it rains after you’ve just washed your car, it’s a nuisance. Meanwhile, window washing is completely different.

In fact, it’s better to wash your windows before the rain than after it. Sounds strange? It’s very logical. The rain itself is not dirty. In the majority of cases, it’s just drops of crystal clear water. If your window is squeaky-clean, the raindrops will slide off the glass and make a nice clear puddle on the windowsill or fall to the ground. Meanwhile, if your window is dirty, the rain will mix with the dirt on the glass and create unpleasant streaks.

The reason why we don’t like rain is that it’s not too fun to work when the water pours down your back. However, if we have a window cleaning scheduled, we won’t ever cancel it because of the rain.
If you want the rainy seasons to go by smoothly, we recommend cleaning your windows each spring and fall. This way you can ensure clean glass and avoid dirty streaks.

When it rains, your clean windows just get cleaner while your dirty windows get dirtier. In fact, rain helps us do our job.