Preparing Your Home For Winter

Even though New York has a few more warm and sunny days for us, the winter is around the corner. Cold temperatures and snowstorms are about to make us spend more time indoors. In order to make the time spending enjoyable, homeowners need to prep their houses for the winter. The earlier you start doing it, the less time and effort it will seem to take. Let’s take a look at a few things to put on your checklist.

Preparing Your Home For Winter

1. Check The Heating System

It may have been working in an excellent manner last winter. But, in the summer, HVAC systems may develop unexpected problems. If your system is older than 3 years, consider inviting a technician at least once a year to check it. The visit may cost you around $70, which is much cheaper than dealing with the heating system’s breakdown. The inspector also checks for carbon monoxide leakages to ensure your safety.

2. Clean Your Windows

Residential window cleaning is recommended to be done biannually. Some people try to save money and order a professional cleaning once a year. If you have to choose the season to do the window cleaning, make it fall. Clean windows can save you money on energy bills. They add your home the squeaky shine and make it especially fun to watch the falling snow on cold winter evenings. If you are thinking of doing the residential window cleaning on your own, take the time to think about your safety.

3. Inspect Your Roof

Roofs have a tendency of breaking and leaking at the most unexpected moments. Snowstorms bring large amounts of snow, and old and weak roofs can’t handle them. If you haven’t inspected the roof in a while, do it before winter comes. If you book a professional window cleaning, you can ask the cleaners to take a closer look at your roof using their special equipment.

4. Caulk The Windows

Before you start cleaning your windows, check them for gaps. Even the tiniest gap can lead to drafts getting into your house and upping your energy bills. Caulking the windows before winter starts can keep you comfortable and healthy all season long.

5. Clean The Gutters

Gutter cleaning is an integral part of prepping your house for the winter. Leaves and debris left in the gutter lead to water blockage, which can cause roof and siding damage. Old leaves coupled with water create an excellent environment for mold and bacteria growth.