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The Eternal Struggle: Blinds Or Curtains?

Even if interior design is not your best skill, you probably wonder how your windows should be covered. After all, direct sunshine and nosey neighbors can pose a big problem to anyone looking for comfort or privacy.

As window washers, we have studied different ways to decorate windows while keeping the home safe. Today, we would like to talk about blinds and curtains. Which ones are better for you?

Window Curtains Pros:

Curtains are an excellent choice for people, who are looking for a special way to decorate their rooms. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics, allowing the imagination to run wild. Colors, textures, and patterns can win the hearts of homeowners looking for something special.

Curtains lined with special thermal fabric can prevent hot and cool air loss depending on the weather outside. For people with sleep problems, thick and dark curtains can become saviors. They can protect furniture and flooring from the damaging direct sunlight.

Curtains are easy to hang. Usually, they don’t require professional installation.

Window Curtain Cons:

Curtains are tough to maintain. Since they easily collect dust and grime, it’s highly necessary to keep them clean. Not all laundry machines can accommodate large curtains so you may need to look for public laundry services or even dry cleaning.

If you hire professional window washers twice a year, it’s important to wash the curtains before hanging them over a clean window. While the curtains are being maintained, your privacy and sunshine protection is lost.

Window Blinds Pros

Window blinds are suitable for people, who enjoy minimalism and simplicity, which are highly trending right now. Blinds look good with the majority of interior styles.

Blinds are easy to maintain. All you have to do is wipe them with soapy water. They don’t need to be taken down for window washing or maintenance, thus keeping your privacy intact at all times.

Blinds are often cheaper than curtains, allowing people with different budgets to take advantage of them. They are also more durable and often last longer if maintained properly.

Window Blind Cons

Window blinds don’t filter out all the light, thus making them a bad choice for light sleepers. Not many different textures are available, limiting the homeowner’s choice. Slat blinds aren’t good for keeping heat inside your home thus not helping you with energy savings.

Today, many people choose the combination of curtains and blinds to improve the appearance, cut the energy costs, and maintain privacy.