5 Home Decluttering Tips for the Holiday Season

      The holiday season is coming, and you want your house to look spectacular. What else can you do besides window washing, gutter cleaning, and winterizing your backyard? Decluttering your home is an excellent way to prepare for the winter. But where should you start? If you think that all the stuff you keep in your house is extremely useful, you are probably mistaken. Let’s look at a few ways you can declutter your home today.

      5 Home Decluttering Tips for the Holiday Season

      1. Take a Garbage Bag

      The garbage bag trick works every time. Get a large garbage bag, go around the house with it, and don’t stop until it’s full. Don’t worry, you won’t need to throw all of that stuff out. However, you should fill the bag with things you are theoretically ready to live without. Once you are done collecting, empty the bag on the floor. Take each item and ask yourself “do you love it”? If not, put it back in the bag.

      2. Inspect Your Wardrobe

      When going through your wardrobe always use the one-year rule. If you haven’t worn a garment in a year, throw it out. Even if you think that you’ll lose/gain weight, change your style or decide to go retro in the nearest future, throw it out anyway. Decluttering is an excellent opportunity to free up some extra space for new outfits.

      3. Arrange a Garage Sale or Donate

      When you are selecting items you don’t need anymore, it’s often tough to simply throw them into the garbage can. Thankfully, several simple ways exist to give them a second life. Arrange a yard sale or donate your clothing and other items to charity. You may be surprised at how much other people may need things you’ve been considering useless for years.

      4. Check Expiration Dates

      You are probably keeping medications, food, and toiletries, which have expired long ago. When you are rearranging your closets and cabinets, pay attention to expiration dates. Your favorite sunscreen may have lost its efficiency long ago. Or those noodles may have been lying in the back of the drawer for ages. You’ll be amazed at how much expired stuff you keep in your house.

      5. Find New Storage Options

      Once you throw out, sell, and donate all the items you can live without, go back to what you need. To make your house appear less cluttered, you should consider new storage options. Be it boxes, hooks, hangers or shelves, you shouldn’t have anything simply lying around. Take advantage of storage organizers for your clothing. You’ll love how tidy your wardrobe will become.