5 Home Maintenance Chores to Delegate

      Keeping the house in top shape is what every homeowner strives for. But if you are planning to “go it alone”, you can say goodbye to free time. Any home, be it a large house or a small apartment, requires plenty of maintenance. By trying to save money on expert assistance, you may be losing quality and precious time. Let’s look at 5 home maintenance tasks that you should delegate to professionals.

      5 Home Maintenance Chores to Delegate

      1. HVAC Checkup

      Before the cold season comes, it’s important to check your HVAC system. Without a proper inspection, cleaning, refrigerant top-up, and filter change, you are bound to experience problems with heating. High energy bills and cold rooms are only part of the problem. Poor HVAC maintenance may lead to the system’s costly replacement. Save time, effort, and nerves by hiring professional HVAC technicians.

      2. Window Cleaning

      By cleaning windows at least twice a year, you don’t just ensure the aesthetic appeal of your home and a better mood of your household members. You ensure lower energy bills during the wintertime. Cleaning windows on your own may take up the entire weekend. Meanwhile, the process is dangerous. Climbing heights without proper training and equipment could lead to slip and fall accidents and serious injuries. Leave window cleaning to the experts and enjoy a free weekend with your family.

      3. Chimney Cleaning

      To ensure proper operation and safety, you need to inspect your fireplace and chimney at least once a year. Even if you don’t use them, you should schedule a professional inspection and cleaning because birds and small animals could climb inside the chimney and create nests there. Doing all of the above on your own isn’t just unpleasant, it’s dangerous and time-consuming. Allow professional chimney cleaners to do the job.

      4. Gutter Cleaning

      Just like window cleaning, gutter inspection needs to be done twice a year. Removing dirt and debris is vital to ensuring proper water drainage. Otherwise, you could discover serious damage to your house’s foundation. Gutter cleaning requires climbing heights, which is dangerous and should be left up to the experts.

      5. Tree Trimming

      Tree and shrub trimming equipment can be costly. Meanwhile, the job involves climbing heights. Besides knowing that trees need to be trimmed, you need to learn how to do it properly. Overall, the job is tough, dangerous, and requires experience. Consider hiring professionals to do it.  At Simon’s Window Cleaners, we can take care of one of the items on this list. Schedule a window cleaning sessions today. We work all year round.