5 Myths About Window Cleaning Debunked

      Window cleaning is far from being a simple job. Many people make a mistake of thinking that high-quality window cleaning can be done in a couple of hours. Without professional equipment and experience, it may take you the entire weekend to complete the job. Meanwhile, DIY window cleaning can be dangerous. It often becomes the cause of falls and injuries. That’s why it’s important to consider professional window washing. Today, we’ll debunk the most common window cleaning myths.

      5 Myths About Window Cleaning Debunked

      1. Window Cleaning Should be Done in Spring and Fall Only

      Yes, biannual window cleaning is recommended for the majority of residential households. And the best seasons for it are spring and fall. However, professional window washing can be done all year round. Window cleaners work in the winter and summer to provide you high-quality services whenever you need them. So if you missed the regular cleaning, you can always catch up. Some households need quarterly window washing due to high air contamination indoors or outdoors.

      2. Some Windows Are Impossible to Reach

      When you live in New York, it’s easy to think that some of the skyscraper windows stay dirty just because they are impossible to reach. However, it’s far from being the truth.Special equipment exists to reach even the highest windows. Professional window cleaners either use aerial machines to approach windows from the ground or take advantage of ropes to go down from the roof. So none of the windows stays out of reach.

      3. Rain Cleans My Windows

      Raindrops are clean and clear. They should wash windows without anyone’s assistance. This myth is quite common. So many homeowners are genuinely surprised to see dirty streaks appear on the glass after the rain. In reality, unless washed recently, windows are covered in dirt and grime. So when rain falls, it mixes with dirt to create unpleasant-looking spots on the glass. It brings contaminated particles from windowsills and panels to the glass, making windows look even dirtier than before the rainfall.

      4. It’s Impossible to Clean Windows on a Sunny Day

      This myth is partially true. You shouldn’t wash windows when the sun is shining directly at them. The hot sun dries up the cleaning solution before you can wipe it off thus leaving streaks on the glass. So you can clean windows on a sunny day as long as you avoid direct sunshine.

      5. Window Cleaning Is Time-Consuming

      The time it takes to wash all the windows in your home depends on their number. However, regardless of the volume of work, professional window cleaners can do it much faster than the homeowner can. Book a window cleaning session at Simon’s Window Cleaning in advance to schedule the most convenient time and date.