5 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

      As March slowly rolls around, it’s time to think about spring cleaning. No matter how well you approached home maintenance tasks this winter, a few things probably deserve your attention. Getting ready for the summer is always fun. Since the weather is getting warm, cleaning is becoming easier and more exciting.

      5 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

      1. Wash Your Windows

      All window-cleaning professionals in New York recommend washing your windows at least twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring. If you live in a busy neighborhood with your windows facing a road with heavy traffic, you may need to consider seasonal cleanings.


      Hire a professional window washer to do the spring window cleaning job this year. You can save time and money while enjoying higher quality results than with your DIY efforts.

      2. Immerse Yourself in Decluttering

      No matter when you start decluttering, it’s bound to make your home look newer and fresher. You may be surprised to learn that an organized home reduces stress levels. Unnecessary items in your rooms are collecting dust, thus contributing to respiratory issues and allergies.


      This March, find time to organize your closets, clear tables and desks, remove items you haven’t used for over a year from your rooms.

      3. Replace or Clean Filters

      The majority of appliances in your home, including the HVAC system, needs filter cleaning or replacement. If it has been a while since you’ve read manuals, spring is the right time to do it. Make sure you check such appliances as:

      • Vacuum cleaner
      • Air purifier
      • Kitchen hood
      • Air conditioner
      • Washing machine
      • Dishwasher

      Once you are done, consider creating a filter replacement/cleaning schedule for the year ahead.

      4. Clean Carpets

      As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to clean your carpets. Even if these carpets are located in heavy-traffic areas in your home, they don’t need to be cleaned more often than once a year. Consider removing carpets altogether when summer rolls around. You can avoid mold formation and allergies. Clean the carpet and store it away until fall.

      5. Dust Light Fixtures

      It has probably been a while since you paid attention to light fixtures. Make sure you turn the power off before starting. To achieve the best results, you’ll need a soft cloth, glass-safe detergent, towels, and a vacuum cleaner.


      If you aren’t sure about your ladder climbing abilities, consider asking a professional window cleaner to assist with light fixture washing.


      March is a wonderful time to start planning your spring cleaning efforts. If you need to book a window washing service, do it in advance. Spring is the busiest time of the year for window cleaning companies.