5 Types of Window Locks

      When it comes to choosing ideal window locks, you have numerous options. Even the simplest window lock can keep your home safe from intruders while giving you peace of mind.

      5 Types of Window Locks

      These days, thieves target windows as the easiest way to get inside the house. Homeowners pay special attention to door locks while windows are easy to open. Unless you live above the second floor in an apartment building, you need to consider installing high-quality window locks.

      1. Sliding Locks

      If you have sliding windows or patio doors, a simple sliding lock can be an excellent solution. The lock is placed on the tracks to prevent the windows from sliding. If you need to open the window, just take the lock out. No special installation is required. You can go out and buy a sliding lock today to ensure perfect window safety.

      2. Keyed Sash Locks

      These locks are designed for double-hung window safety. They are installed on the side of the window and require a key for opening them. The disadvantage of such a system is that you need to control the keys. If you lose them, you will need to go through a lengthy process of hiring a professional to open your window.

      3. Hinged Wedge Lock System

      Hinged wedged locks allow you to regulate how far you want your windows to open. This is an excellent choice for people, who would like to control the ventilation in their homes. Windows with these locks are more or less secure even if they are slightly opened.

      4. Child Safety Locks

      If you have small children playing around opened windows, you need child safety locks. They are a must-have for people living in high-rise buildings.


      In the USA, more than 5,000 children end up in the hospital every year after falling out of windows. Numerous child safety locks exist. The majority of them allow you to open the window fully when needed.

      5. Handle Locks

      A handle lock is a standard lock type. It’s installed on each window that opens. By simply pressing the handle down, you can lock the window. The integrity of handle locks depends on the quality of the windows.


      The quality of the above locks depends on how well they’ve been installed. Unless you have chosen simple sliding locks, it’s highly important to opt for professional installation.