Window cleaning in Office spaces, in Manhattan NY

Maintaining clean windows in your office space is important for a variety of reasons. Not only do dirty windows give off a less-than-professional appearance to clients and visitors, but they can also impact the health and happiness of your employees. In a bustling city like Manhattan, office window cleaning can be especially challenging due to the high levels of pollution and grime that can accumulate on windows. That’s where professional window cleaning services come in.

5 Questions to Ask Your Window Cleaning Company

Choosing the best window cleaning company for your needs can be tough. With a huge variety of such service providers in New York, it’s time-consuming. Once you’ve done thorough research online and asked your friends and relatives for references, you can narrow your list down to several candidates. To get the full picture, you need to interview at least three of them.


5 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

As March slowly rolls around, it’s time to think about spring cleaning. No matter how well you approached home maintenance tasks this winter, a few things probably deserve your attention. Getting ready for the summer is always fun. Since the weather is getting warm, cleaning is becoming easier and more exciting.

House Window Washing

Window cleaning for Simon’s Windows company is more than just profession. We do not treat it like services provided to people for money. The vast experience in washing absolutely all kinds of windows is the foundation of our success. We want you to be excited and satisfied with results of our work. Perfectly clean and well-maintained windows greatly contribute to coziness and appealing image of your house. You can see and enjoy all colors of the world, all weather changes, joyful and blue.

Commercial Window Cleaning

It makes no sense to mention that comfortable and beautiful office always contributes to the image and success of a company. But how beautiful and appealing can it be with windows neglected for years? Simon’s Windows specializes in top-quality window cleaning services for commercial buildings provided in safe manner. Each non-residential building needs maintenance just like dwelling houses. In this case, we not only speak about neat and cozy atmosphere but also about the status of business which is highly important in the modern world. Those managers whose business is located in buildings with glass-based facades, order windows cleaning services on a regular basis. Simon’s Windows has many regular customers among companies working in tall glass buildings. This is where you simply cannot do without professional help. However, it is not so much expensive as many business owners thought. Find it out with Simon’s Windows company.


5 Home Maintenance Chores to Delegate

Keeping the house in top shape is what every homeowner strives for. But if you are planning to “go it alone”, you can say goodbye to free time. Any home, be it a large house or a small apartment, requires plenty of maintenance. By trying to save money on expert assistance, you may be losing quality and precious time. Let’s look at 5 home maintenance tasks that you should delegate to professionals.