Best Way to Clean Windows

      Did you know that the profession of a window cleaner is one of the most dangerous? When can you seriously do the job by yourself and when is it better to hire professionals? Let’s figure this out.

      Best Way to Clean Windows

      The task that seems to be simple turns out to be rather difficult. It takes much time and effort to make windows shine. But if you decided to do it on your own, use some of our tips mentioned below.

      Windows cleaning: useful tips

      The market offers many special products for “streak-free shine” now. But in fact, you can try another simple recipe for windows cleaning: mix up a part of vinegar and two parts of water in a spray bottle and use this liquid for washing.


      If you wash windows from inside:

      • Apply clean cool water with a few drops of liquid soap you usually use for washing dishes.
      • Catch spills beneath the window with a big towel.
      • Choose a microfiber cloth for washing, move from the top of the glass downwards. A sponge is also a good option.
      • Wipe out the frames from both sides.
      • Use the vinegar and water liquid to finish the cleaning process. Spray it generously on the window and wipe it out with a clean cloth.
      • Use a lint-free towel or pieces of newspaper to dry the glass. Make Z-shaped motions while drying the window.
      • If any streaks or dirt remain, repeat the vinegar and drying steps again. It’s normally enough to do this twice.

      If you wash windows from outside:

      There is always more dirt and stains on the outside surface of windows.

      • You’d better begin with rinsing the glass with the hose and then prepare a bucket of clean water with a dish soap as was mentioned above.
      • To reach all spots of the window, use a sponge mop on a pole – ideally from soft cotton or microfiber.
      • Apply liquid made from vinegar and water or replace it with a special window cleaning commercial solution.
      • A rubber-bladed squeegee will help you to wipe the window. Move from top to bottom. Do not forget to wipe the squeegee with a dry towel. If you don’t have a squeegee, replace it with black-and-white newspapers or a lint-free towel.
      • After applying vinegar and water wait for several minutes before drying the window.
      • Do not use instruments that may scratch the window.

      When is it better to hire professionals?

      All these tips are good when you decide to clean windows in a private house or an apartment. We do not recommend you to get to windows washing in a high-rise building. This job assumes risk and requires special skills and experience. Window washers should observe safety rules and use professional harnesses when their work at height.


      Windows in offices, stores, skyscrapers should be cleaned by professional teams. These people are professionally trained and physically capable, they do not have fear of heights and feel confident while working. They are also equipped with special instruments and cleaning products to get the job done at its best.


      Glass and window cleaning used to be among the most dangerous jobs because it involved a lot of fatal accidents yearly. Today the situation is different – people apply new technologies and solutions to minimize risks and achieve a better result.


      For windows cleaning hire a company with a perfect safety record and well-trained staff who expose themselves to high risk. Simon’s window cleaning company provides regular training to its operatives and treats safety of workers as its top priority. Our operatives are supported by $11,000,000 General Liability insurance, auto insurance and workers compensation insurance.

      Quite often it is impossible to clean windows without scaffolding, ladders and suspended platforms. Do not put yourself to this significant risk and let professionals do this job for you with ideal results.


      With Simon’s window cleaning company, it’s efficient, prompt, safe and affordable! Make a call to get more information and order the services that will not disappoint you.