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      5 Reasons to Wash Windows in Your New Home

      You’ve just purchased a new house or apartment. Windows may not be the first thing you pay attention to. However, they require at least a bit of your time. Before you move in, you may consider opting for professional window cleaning services. Even if the previous owner cleaned windows before putting the house up for sale, you might need to do the cleaning one more time. Why is it important? Let’s find out.

      5 Myths About Window Cleaning Debunked

      Window cleaning is far from being a simple job. Many people make a mistake of thinking that high-quality window cleaning can be done in a couple of hours. Without professional equipment and experience, it may take you the entire weekend to complete the job. Meanwhile, DIY window cleaning can be dangerous. It often becomes the cause of falls and injuries. That’s why it’s important to consider professional window washing. Today, we’ll debunk the most common window cleaning myths.


      How to Warm Up Your Home This Winter

      This winter is in full swing, and your energy bills are going up. Keeping your house warm during the cold winter months could be a challenge in New York. Even if you’ve skipped winterization steps in the fall, you still have a chance to improve the indoor ambiance of your home with the following simple steps. Read on! By the time you finish this article, you’ll be all set to start acting.  Your household members will say thank you.

      Home Window Cleaner

      Many people think that home windows cleaning is not the job to hire professionals but the one to be done with their own hands. It actually depends on the result that would satisfy you. Seemingly clean windows or truly sparkling ones to minor details including window screens and sills. When you hire professional services for cleaning windows, you ensure a longer service period of windows and enjoy beautifully clean “eyes” of your house.

      Master Window Cleaning

      Dear home, you bring peace and fill up with energy. You deserve care, efforts and time. Everyone treats his own house as the most valuable place and all of us want our homes to be clean and cozy. It’s true that most of us can do this with our own efforts if we spend time and acquire good cleaning products. But when windows are concerned, the matter opens to interpretation. Can you really make your windows bright and clear on your own?

      Exterior Window Washing

      Regular windows washing not only makes your home more beautiful and appealing but also helps to prolong the lifespan of your windows. Simon’s Windows is the company that provides well-trained and experienced workers, required equipment, instruments and high-quality cleaning products to get the job perfectly done. We can reach the hardest spots ignored for years and make the glass surface shine again.