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      6 Tips To Keep Your Windows Clean in The Winter

      Seasonal windows cleaning in New York City is compulsory to enjoying the squeaky-clean glass in the wintertime. But what if your fall window cleaning wasn’t as effective as you hoped and the winter cleaning session is far away? Simons Window Cleaning is ready to share some tips to help you do a few touchups.

      Christmas Greetings

      At Simons Window Cleaning Company, we would like to wish all our clients a Merry Christmas. This family holiday is an extra chance to show our loved ones how much we care about them and to give our attention to people, who need it the most.

      While the snow may not be falling and Santa is too busy to bring our ideal gifts, it’s up to us to make dreams come true. The magic is in the air. All you have to do is take advantage of it. Miracles are just around the corner. We wish you to make the most out of this magical holiday!


      How To Save Energy This Winter

      The cold days are almost here and many homeowners are cringing at the thought of the winter energy bills. Meanwhile, you can do a bunch of things to reduce it. Most of them are quite simple and don’t require too many investments. At Simon’s window cleaning (Window Cleaning Brooklyn). we have a few smart tips for the upcoming winter.


      Why Fall Window Cleaning Is Important

      The fall is in full swing and we want to tell you about the utter importance of the fall window cleaning. Many people believe that cleaning their windows once a year is sufficient. This is not true. If for some reason you can only hire professional window cleaners on an annual basis, the fall is the great time to start.

      We’ve heard people say that the autumn cleaning is useless since the rain is bound to turn squeaky clean windows into a streaky mess. This is not entirely true. The rain is clean until it hits a surface. If the surface is clean, the drops roll off without leaving too much residue. Meanwhile, if the surface is dirty, the water causes dirty to turn into mud, making your windows look even more unpleasant.


      Professional Window Cleaners vs. Maid Service

      When it comes to window cleaning, many people prefer to delegate this matter to someone else. While some opt for professional window cleaning services, others rely on the housekeeper or housecleaner to do the job. Comparing these two services can help you make the right decision in the future.

      Safety Measures For Window Cleaning

      The time to clean your windows has come and you bought all the necessary equipment. What are the next steps? Diving straight into the process may be a dangerous choice. Did you know that window cleaning is considered one of the most dangerous professions in the world? Only proper safety precautions can help you get the job done right. In order to avoid the risk of injury and lethal situations, any homeowner has to go through some safety concerns.

      Simon’s Advice: How to Choose a Professional Window Cleaner

      Many homeowners are thinking about delegating the window cleaning chores to a professional. Unfortunately, half of them stop at the “wishing” stage since they don’t know how to go about choosing the right person. Meanwhile, the other half rushes to hire the first seemingly suitable company online and ends up dealing with bad results. A few simple rules can help you find your perfect window cleaner.

      Working On The Edge: 7 Window Cleaning Safety Tips

      Since not everyone is open to hire a cleaning service to wash windows, our experts at Simon’s window cleaning make it a point to assuage your concerns by sharing critical safety tips to minimize the risk of injuries. When it comes to cleaning windows at a considerable height, hiring a cleaning professional becomes an indispensable imperative.

      Time for a Facelift

      Every once in a while, a business needs a facelift. We’ve decided our time has come and how. We’re glad to share our brand new look with our new and existing clients. While our expertise lies in window cleaning (Simons Window Cleaning Manhattan), we realize the importance of a clean, sleek and easy-to-use website.

      Get lightning fast access to all of our services while enjoying an intuitive interface and simplified website navigation. Since almost 80 % of our business comes from returning clients, we’re delighted to give them one-click access to our company information (Simons Window Cleaning Manhattan).

      Adapting To the New OSHA and ANSI Regulations

      At the first glance, window cleaning might seem to be a harm-free business, but the hazardous conditions many window washers face may lead to injuries and even deaths. In 2017, OSHA adopted new regulations to update the industry standards on walking-working surfaces. These regulations help prevent and reduce slips and falls in addition to other problems window washers face. OSHA specialists believe that these new updates can prevent almost 6,000 injuries per year.
      While OSHA is working hard to keep the workers safe, the businesses have to be proactive in adapting to the new regulations by fulfilling some requirements.