Cleaning Windows Without Using Water

      Is it possible to clean your windows without using water? Many homeowners are looking for ways to simplify this unpleasant task. Even though professional window cleaners can do it quicker and more efficiently, some people still opt for DIY window washing.

      Cleaning Windows Without Using Water

      Scrubbing, washing, and removing streaks is annoying. Perhaps if you take water out of the equation, you can shorten the process?


      It’s possible to clean windows without water if you have high-quality equipment (microfiber cloth and squeegee) and an efficient window cleaning solution. Unlike water or regular solutions you can find on the store shelves, this own can do a much better job while taking care of the environment.

      An Alternative to Window Cleaning Solutions

      If you want to try to minimize the use of water while achieving excellent window cleaning results, think about vinegar. Vinegar has numerous uses thanks to its ability to clean different surfaces while being eco-friendly.


      The majority of solutions you can find at your nearest supermarket contains chemicals that may lead to respiratory problems. Some of them are so toxic and could damage the ozone layer. Meanwhile, they are costly.


      If you are environmentally conscious, you can take advantage of eco-friendly cleaning solutions available at specialty stores. However, such products usually have a formidable price tag, making environmental consciousness too expensive for an average homeowner.


      An excellent alternative to the above options is vinegar. It’s cheap, efficient, and easy to use.

      By taking advantage of vinegar-based solutions, you don’t just take care of your health and the environment, you minimize the use of water for window washing.

      Making a Safe Vinegar Solution

      Even though vinegar is safe for the planet, it’s not safe for ingestion. So when you are preparing your perfect window cleaning solution, make sure it stays out of reach of small children.


      Make the solution using one part of vinegar and one part of distilled water. Usually, this is all the water you’ll need for window cleaning.

      Scrubbing Windows Instead of Washing Them

      While you are minimizing the use of water, you have to hone your scrubbing techniques. The best way to keep the scrubbing effort to a minimum is to spray the windows with the cleaning solution and let them soak for a while.


      You can use microfiber cloths, regular rags, newspaper, and squeegees to do the scrubbing.  Make sure you avoid using paper towels. While they seem convenient, power towels leave lint, which is difficult to remove.


      By taking advantage of vinegar and a top-notch squeegee, you can clean windows without using too much water, keeping the process safe and environmentally friendly.