Commercial Window Cleaning

      It makes no sense to mention that comfortable and beautiful office always contributes to the image and success of a company. But how beautiful and appealing can it be with windows neglected for years? Simon’s Windows specializes in top-quality window cleaning services for commercial buildings provided in safe manner. Each non-residential building needs maintenance just like dwelling houses. In this case, we not only speak about neat and cozy atmosphere but also about the status of business which is highly important in the modern world. Those managers whose business is located in buildings with glass-based facades, order windows cleaning services on a regular basis. Simon’s Windows has many regular customers among companies working in tall glass buildings. This is where you simply cannot do without professional help. However, it is not so much expensive as many business owners thought. Find it out with Simon’s Windows company.

      Commercial Window Cleaning

      Windows covered with dirt, dust and streaks scare potential buyers and clients away. How can people trust your services if you neglect your own office? We will help you to solve this problem within a single day.

      Big or small – all windows will be clean!

      We have enough experience to handle any job – windows of all types and configurations, big and small, will be clean again. Our goal is to make a client 100% satisfied with the result. With the high level of trust, almost every new customer of Simon’s Windows becomes a regular one. And we express our gratitude with flexible and attractive terms for the most loyal clients.


      Our team is recommended as polite, professional, punctual and meticulously neat. Our company is proud of every worker, every completed job and each happy smile on your face. If someone made statistics on how sales increase after windows cleaning, we’re pretty sure it would be another weighty reason to call Simon’s Windows!


      Our guys never leave a mess behind, they observe safety rules and pay attention to details – if your window has any problems, they will let you know about it or even get it fixed. Among the projects undertaken by Simon’s Windows are:

      • office buildings;
      • retail small shops;
      • tall buildings with glassy facades and not only;
      • shopping malls;
      • business centers;
      • strip malls;
      • hotels, hospitals and other municipal buildings.

      Simon’s Windows has proved to be one of the most reliable companies in the city that provides windows cleaning services to both small family-owned companies and big corporations. You can become another regular customer of Simon’s Windows and enjoy special, more beneficial terms.


      Tight on time? Discuss you working schedule with our specialists and agree on the most convenient time intervals for the job to be done. We can be very flexible with our service plans for commercial and governmental organizations. You can hardly find such hassle-free solutions elsewhere. With Simon’s Windows you will be enjoying perfectly clean windows all year round.

      Other advantages of our company

      You pay nothing to estimate your project. And you can do it in the most convenient way – via telephone, at the office, at your location, online. We can get the job started on the next or even same day. Projects are never delayed, we always arrive at the agreed time – with all required tools, cleaning products, lifting equipment, if necessary.


      Every member of the team is properly insured so you don’t need to worry about any liability for probable incidents on your territory. And you should know, they almost never happen because Simon’s Windows provides high-quality training to each worker, all safety equipment and ensures strict observance of all precautions. We will take case of windows frames, ledges and tracks as well. No bug will ever survive cleaning sessions from Simon’s Windows! Even seemingly hopeless windows with paint flecks, mineral deposits or other hard residues will obtain perfectly clean and shining appearance!


      All cleaning products used for the jobs are 100% environmentally friendly and safe for your health and the health of your partners and customers. We do not use aggressive chemicals.


      Simon’s Windows is also ready to provide additional related services to your company – to wash ceiling fans, skylights, chandeliers, mirrors, glassy surfaces, light fixtures and more. Give us a telephone call or send a message on the official website of Simon’s Windows to get additional information and evaluate your project!