Downtown, New York – Window Cleaning

      Are you looking for well-reputed and trusted company with longstanding experience for windows washing in Downtown, NY? Don’t look anymore, you have just found what you need!

      Downtown, New York – Window Cleaning

      Your city is full of high-rise buildings, commercial skyscrapers, business centers, old cultural houses, and we’ve seen and provided care to so many types of windows in Downtown, you can’t even imagine! Each time when we set to the task, “the eyes of the house” go sparkling again.


      The company that undertakes to clean windows of a high-rise building, should use safety harnesses and specialized equipment to reach the windows. Operatives of the company surely need to be trained and well-insured to deal with the job which used to be considered one of the most dangerous and risky in the world.

      Professional windows washing in Downtown, NY

      Here, at Simon’s Window Cleaning, we provide services to hotels, shopping centers, educational institutions, condominiums, residential and commercial houses of Downtown, NY. Through the years of experience, we found out what products are the best for removal of dirt, stains, dust, pollen, salt residue from your windows. No soapy residue, no streaks and other disappointing marks on your windows when the job is done.

      Factors to be considered when cleaning windows of tall buildings

      The following factors are taken into account when we form the price for windows washing services:

      • design and shape of the windows;
      • accessibility of the windows, obstacles preventing from reaching the windows at height;
      • weather conditions;
      • activities around – construction or something else.

      Time and effort for windows cleaning depend on these factors some of which could be eliminated to decrease the cost.


      Simon’s Window Cleaning company is the primary source of windows washing services for residential and commercial buildings in Downtown, New York. If you want your property to be treated with due care and professionalism, let our company do this job for you.

      Why is it important to clean windows on a regular basis?

      Regular windows cleaning is a preventive measure that keeps your property in a good condition and protects it from deterioration. Cleaning services should be performed at least twice a year on existing buildings. Newly built objects require more frequent services – up to 4 times in the first year of operation and twice a year in the subsequent years. Stains are often caused by the sealant used in the windows of new and remodeled buildings – it’s rather hard to remove it, this work requires much effort and time.


      Simon’s Window Cleaning company always treats safety as its top priority. We always comply to safety standards and provide several types of insurance to our workers. Each of them is trained according to the special corporate program no matter how experienced a certain worker is when employed. This occupation is a high risk and we do our best to protect each operative.


      To avoid falling while jobs performance, workers are attached special security equipment to. We do also care about the passers-by and property on the ground below. To avoid risks we attach every piece of the equipment used for cleaning to the workers. Even if it slips out of the hands, it will not fall and damage the property on the ground.


      We have everything required for high-quality windows washing. Super cleaning commercial products, man-lifts, ladders, water-supplying extension poles and much more. The objects we refuse to work with simply do not exist. We professionally deal with any obstacle and reach every spot of a dirty window. Typically, the set of equipment provided to a windows cleaner consists of:

      • safety rope;
      • descent mechanism;
      • rope protector;
      • rope-grabbing tool;
      • suction cups;
      • lanyard.

      This reliable kit protects from incidents and allows to do the job rapidly and efficiently.

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