Exterior Window Washing

      Regular windows washing not only makes your home more beautiful and appealing but also helps to prolong the lifespan of your windows. Simon’s Windows is the company that provides well-trained and experienced workers, required equipment, instruments and high-quality cleaning products to get the job perfectly done. We can reach the hardest spots ignored for years and make the glass surface shine again.

      Exterior Window Washing

      Insured, fully trained, uniformed staff

      The industry of windows washing is, unfortunately, full of non-professional and part-time workers. Such “service” may finally lead to an incident or a number of complaints. Do not try to save a few dollars putting yourself at risk dealing with a non-insured team. You don’t have to take responsibility for someone’s health or life, it’s the obligation of the service provider. Simon’s Windows has all required certificates and insurances to let its people work at heights.


      Deep windows washing will remove weeds, moss and algae, dirt and dust without leaving stains when done professionally with good products and skillful hands.

      Any urban object and not only

      Simon’s Windows accepts orders from all possible organizations and individuals and daily sends its corporate cars to:

      • private residential houses;
      • century-old brownstones;
      • villas;
      • town homes;
      • high-rise commercial and residential buildings;
      • hotels;
      • trading centers;
      • condominium complexes and so on.

      Services may include removal and re-installation of an air conditioner. You may estimate your request on the official website of the company or by calling directly to our operators.


      You will find our prices fair, our conditions – flexible, our staff – friendly and highly professional.

      Do not try DIY for exterior windows washing

      Some people find it tempting to clean windows from outside on their own. They use ladders and ordinary cleaning products from the closest supermarket. Quite often they regret and admit it was a mistake. Lucky they are if they didn’t fall from a ladder but they normally also remain unsatisfied with the quality of their own work. When windows get dry, they see stains and clouded surfaces and bring the ladder back to clean windows once again. Believe or not but quite often such DIY manipulations even lead to replacement of windows – for example, after the use of ammonia-based cleaners.


      Windows washing is a risky and time-consuming undertaking especially when done on your own. The job requires special gears and proper products. As for ladders – it’s definitely not the best solution for exterior windows cleaning. Sometimes it’s better to rely on scaffolding or telescopic tools which allow to reach the toughest spots.

      Clean windows keep your house in good shape

      Properly maintained building is rather important for business. What looks better can sell itself better. Customers tend to judge books by their covers! When the exterior of the building does not look appealing, people are more likely to pass by without coming inside.


      Dirt, dust and debris are also damaging for windows. They affect the condition of the glass, lead to scratches and imperfections or even cracks and deformities.


      When you invest in your building, you invest in your business. It’s like buying advertisement or nice promo. If you take care of the building, it will bring you more buyers. But if you ignore this issue, it will likely cost you much more in the long run. Choose Simon’s Windows as the best service provider in the sphere of exterior windows washing! Only skillful hands, professional approach, trained masters supported by all required insurances and affordable prices compared to other companies in the market!