External Window Cleaning

      If you read this article, it probably means you want your house or office to be more attractive and airier. Whether you wish to have more clients or impress guests with the comfortable home atmosphere, we know how to help you.

      External Window Cleaning

      Simon’s Cleaning Windows dedicates itself to spotless windows, we have been learning and teaching our employees to clean windows at the highest professional level for years. We can give you useful tips or do the job in the most effective fashion by ourselves. Which path to choose is your decision.


      However, when it comes to exterior window washing, everything becomes more serious than just a bucket of water and a sponge. When you need to climb a certain height, it turns into a hazardous activity. Unprofessional exterior window cleaning may result in a serious injury. You can fall from a ladder, external sill or a fragile roof. The use of chairs and benches has proved to be a bad idea too. People often rely on improvised access equipment and then spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on recovery…

      Professional external window cleaning is always safe for you

      Our specialists can properly plan cleaning operations and assess the risk. They have sufficient experience to organize their activities and prepare necessary equipment. With Simon’s Window Cleaning jobs are always carried out with the highest safety guarantee.


      We rely on high-quality reliable equipment, knowledge, in-depth training and detailed evaluation of the site.

      Why Simon’s Window Cleaning is beneficial for you?

      There are many reasons to hire Simon’s Window Cleaning but we will briefly name just a few:

      • Cost saving!

      All those debris, dust, pollen, dirt, rain residue etc. accumulating on the pane destroys the glass and finally becomes corrosive. Professional washing operations will minimize the risk of costly repairs.

      • Good health and productivity!

      Crystal clear windows let the natural light in and contribute to your mood and wellness. It’s important for residents and office employees who need to be productive at work. You don’t think about it much, but the bright environment can improve your emotional and physical condition considerably.

      • Services without distraction!

      Providing exterior windows cleaning, workers may hang on ropes just behind the windows and it seriously distract office employees. In buildings with up to 4 stories, we can use a special system based on extension poles to provide the brilliant spotless result right from the ground.

      • Knowledge and expertise!

      We do not hire part-timers or industry drop outs. Our workers are necessarily trained according to the special program and get the best insurance to stay in the company for long. They have washed so many different windows to finally come to yours and make a good impression.

      • Highest security!

      Simon’s Window Cleaning has the reputation of the company that is able to meet the most stringent requirements just like those in high security facilities. And we do have such clients who address our team on a regular basis.

      • Affordable cost!

      Check out our price rates to believe that exterior window cleaning is more affordable than you thought. It’s the service you can regularly get without spending too much.


      The qualified team of our company will arrive strictly on time upon your request.

      Regular maintenance prolongs service life of your windows

      Of course, different factors should be considered when you decide on how often your windows need to be washed. Homeowners prefer to hire our team once a month to maintain the excellent condition of their windows. Commercial buildings in proximity of busy roads may require a more frequent maintenance – once a week or every other week.


      Display the best of your house in the brightest light through spotless and crystal clean windows! We will help you to make a good impression on guests and clients! Give a call to our operators to ask any questions!