House Window Washing

      Window cleaning for Simon’s Windows company is more than just profession. We do not treat it like services provided to people for money. The vast experience in washing absolutely all kinds of windows is the foundation of our success. We want you to be excited and satisfied with results of our work. Perfectly clean and well-maintained windows greatly contribute to coziness and appealing image of your house. You can see and enjoy all colors of the world, all weather changes, joyful and blue.

      House Window Washing

      Rooms bathing in the sunlight inevitably change your mood to the better. That’s the important element of your private space. When you order services from Simon’s Windows, you know that cleanliness of your windows is restored with environmentally safe products even when washed from outside. No acid-based substances, no smothering products. If you find it difficult to prepare the space around the windows for cleaning, to remove furniture and window screens, we can do this part of job for you too. But, please, do not forget – you can save on this article.

      Streak-free services supported by guarantee

      In fact, we do not have the slightest doubt that you will be fully satisfied with the result of our services. But if you don’t, you can contact our specialists and get the issue rectified or you’re your money refunded.


      Using the services of our company, you rely on the following guarantees:

      • We have all required licenses and insurances, so you don’t need to worry about risks of incidents on your territory. It’s never happened but if it does, every worker is properly insured and you won’t have any problems.
      • All members of our staff are polite and professional. They wear required overalls and look neat. Besides, they always remove all litter when the work is done so you get ideally clean windows and clean cozy space.
      • Fair and transparent pricing terms. You always know what exactly you pay for and never need to pay some extra when the job is already done.
      • We undertake works at any object – no matter how small or big it is, how many obstacles are there and how high your windows are.
      • All required equipment is always ready for use. It refers to cleaning products, tools and lifting equipment.

      With our company you can also save big if you become our loyal regular client. Find out more by contacting our specialists!

      What additional charges may occur?

      The final fee for the windows cleaning services can be higher if you have French style windows with non-removable grids or dividers on the inside or outside; storm windows; the level of dirt on screens; some additional services – for example, cleaning ceiling fans, chemical wash, scraping, window well washing etc.


      In some cases, it is required to use an extension ladder or power cleaning which can also result in extra charges. This way or another, you will always get excellent results with our prominent services.

      All houses deserve shining windows!

      Do not forget to take care of your windows on a regular basis. Let this job to be done on the highest level by our professional team. Within a single visit we will make your windows sparkle with cleanliness! We provide services to townhouses, apartment buildings, condominiums, single-family houses and others.


      Skylights, storm windows, palladium windows and bay ones – we can also get the tracks wiped out to make the entire window absolutely clean and spotless. Any difficulties with opening a window? We can restore its functionality along with washing services!


      Members of our hardworking team are truly experienced and well-trained to fix every detail and leave windows in the great condition. You can fully trust our exceptional skills.

      Why is it better to provide earlier cleaning?

      It is not only for more appealing atmosphere and elimination of health risks.

      • Clean windows give you more natural light – your house will be amazingly airy and bright!
      • Due care makes the service period of windows significantly longer – dirt, acids, hard water affect the functionality of your windows, do not wait till the moment when they refuse to open.
      • When you call specialists, you can detect some problems and prevent serious damages. Prior to washing our workers always inspect windows for any problems.

      Get the best for your house with Simon’s Windows! Give us a call to estimate the job, ask questions and discuss all details. Guaranteed quality, fair price and perfect cleanliness – your house has never been so inviting and bright!