How to Avoid Window Seal Failure

      In the previous article, we talked about the causes of window seal failure and ways to spot it. In this article, we’ll share ways to avoid window seal problems and keep your windows in top shape all year long.

      How to Avoid Window Seal Failure

      1. Inspect Window Seals Before Installation

      When new windows arrive, don’t allow technicians to install them before you make an inspection. Check the seals thoroughly for cracks. Even the tiniest damage is the reason to return windows to the manufacturer.


      By avoiding the installation of windows with damaged seals, you can save a substantial amount of money. So even if it means waiting for the new windows to arrive, don’t keep silent about the damage.

      2. Clean Windows Timely

      Regular window cleaning is one of the key things you can do for your seals. If you allow condensation, dirt, grime, and grease to build around the glass, it could damage the seals. Mold growth is one of the main enemies your window seals face.


      Set a window cleaning schedule for your home. The majority of houses and apartments requires window cleaning twice a year. If your windows face a busy street then you may need to clean them once a season.

      3.Don’t Try to Repair Windows Yourself

      Even though you can find numerous DIY window repair videos online, doing the job yourself could lead to further damage. If your wooden windows are cracking, you should get them repaired ASAP in order to avoid window seal failure.


      If you see seals starting to crack or give way, call the professionals. Even if you think that you may have fixed the window problem, ask for expert’s opinion anyway. Getting professional assistance is always cheaper than window replacement.

      4. Avoid Pressure Washing Your Windows

      Even though pressure washing is an excellent way to clean your windows, the process could damage seals. Your window cleaning company can offer different cleaning methods. Choose regular window cleaning for double and triple-pane windows.

      5. Inspect Your Windows Monthly

      If you want to make sure you catch a problem before it turns into a disaster, check seals for damage monthly. It will only take a couple of minutes but could prevent serious problems. Ask your window cleaning company to pay special attention to the condition of your seals.


      The importance of window seals is hard to overestimate. Keep them in good shape to avoid costly window replacement.