How To Choose The Right Ladder For Your Task

      A ladder is one of the key tools used by professional window cleaners. Homeowners take advantage of ladders to do numerous tasks, including DIY window cleaning projects.

      How To Choose The Right Ladder For Your Task

      Even though anything connected with height access should be done by professionals, some people can’t avoid using ladders.


      When choosing the right ladder for your task, you face a choice of different ladder types. Let’s go over the most common options to make your choice easier.

      1. Step Ladders

      The most common type of ladder is a step ladder. The majority of homeowners prefer this height access equipment since it can be used for many tasks.


      The ladder supports itself so you can install it on any leveled surface. The step ladder is essentially two sets of steps connected with a platform on top.


      While this ladder is suitable for many tasks, it doesn’t offer the user any fall protection. The two sets of steps lock at a certain point, which prevents them from sliding apart.

      2. Extension Ladders

      Extension ladders are a good choice for formidable heights. Painting and window cleaning projects often require reaching second or even third stories. Telescopic ladders can solve the height problems for an average home.


      The downside of using such a ladder is the lack of support. You have to lean the extension ladder against a wall. Even though, high-quality ladders are equipped with non-skid bases, the danger of falling still exists.

      3. Multi-Purpose Ladders

      These ladders are a combination of step and extension ladders. They are self-supporting while offering an option of extending. These ladders can even be used as scaffolding.


      Even though they are more expensive than the previous two types, they are an excellent choice for multiple projects requiring height access.

      4. Articulated Ladders

      These ladders are designed to handle numerous jobs. They are portable and customizable. You can assemble the ladder to fit the job you are doing. These ladders have locking hinges to keep the equipment in place. However, the height range is limited.


      These ladders are a good choice for handymen or contractors, who deal with a variety of tasks.

      5. Step Stool

      A step stool is a common piece of equipment for the majority of homes. It’s fairly priced and stable. You can use it for the majority of projects, which don’t require you to reach a formidable height.


      Even though it’s one of the safest ladder types, its task range is limited.


      Take sufficient time to research ladder type before making a purchase. Remember, when it comes to height access, it’s highly recommended to take advantage of professional assistance.