How To Clean Windows After Painting

      Whether you are planning a DIY painting project or finishing home renovation, your windows are likely to be stained with paint. No matter how careful you are about painting your walls or window frames, you can’t avoid accidental smearing and splashing. The best way to get rid of the annoying paint spots is to book a professional window cleaning. These experts can make sure that your glass is squeaky clean without the risk of scratching or otherwise damaging it. If you’ve decided to remove the paint on your own, consider taking advantage of the below tips shared by professional window washers.

      How To Clean Windows After Painting

      Instruments You’ll Need

      You’ll need these tools to get the job done right.

      • Measuring cup (microwave safe)
      • White vinegar
      • Dishwashing liquid
      • Rags
      • Rubber gloves
      • Squeegee
      • Glass cleaner
      • Mask (if you have respiratory problems)
      • Razor blade

      1. Use Hot Vinegar

      Fill the measuring cup with white vinegar and boil it in the microwave.  Put on your rubber gloves. Dip the rag into the hot vinegar. Be careful not to get burned. Use the rag to rub the paint spots on your glass. The majority of them will come off when they contact the hot vinegar. If this doesn’t happen, go on to the next tip.

      2. Take Advantage of Dishwashing Liquid

      Mix hot water and dishwashing liquid in a bucket and wearing rubber gloves dip the rag into the solution. Thoroughly soak the paint drops and let them sit for a while. Use a clean rag to rub the paint off the glass. If the rag doesn’t do the job, you can use the squeegee to loosen the paint.

      3. Carefully Use a Razor Blade

      If the paint spot is too old and thick to be removed using one of the above methods, you can try a razor blade. Always position the razor blade at a 45-degree angle from the glass. Slowly push the blade forward to remove the paint. Don’t push it back and forth in order not to scratch the glass. Remember, you are not rubbing the paint with the razor blade. You are peeling it off. It’s important to do the scarping slowly so you can avoid glass damage while achieving the desired results. Once you’ve removed the paint, use a window cleaning solution to wash the windows. While it’s possible to get rid of the paint spots by using the above tips, it’s still better to hire window cleaners. They have professional tools, which can’t reduce the chances of damaging the glass while speeding up the process substantially.