Window Washing Information for Building Managers

      Since not everyone is open to hire a cleaning service to wash windows, our experts at Simon’s window cleaning make it a point to assuage your concerns by sharing critical safety tips to minimize the risk of injuries. When it comes to cleaning windows at a considerable height, hiring a cleaning professional becomes an indispensable imperative.

      Window Washing Information for Building Managers

      1. Consider Smart Ladder Positioning

      If you are using a ladder to clean your windows, make sure you always position it the right way. When cleaning the window, ensure you move the ladder aptly to access hard-to-reach spots. Any wrong move – for example, your ladder being too far away from you – can spell disaster. Be smart about ladder repositioning, triple check when in doubt and repeat.

      2. Check for Three Points of Contact

      Your safety is precious. When using a ladder, do make it a point to ensure there are three points of contact. This is by far, the safest approach to window cleaning. If that is not possible, don’t think twice before handing over the job, to professionals who know their craft better than anybody else.

      3. Plan for Emergency

      Even if you seem to be doing everything right, always plan ahead for an emergency. What will you do if you fall? Never ever start a window-cleaning job when you’re alone. Granted, you may not need another to help you out with the window cleaning process, but a helping hand in the event of an emergency, wouldn’t hurt, would it?.

      4. Inspect the Ladder

      Regardless of whether the ladder has been lying still in the shed for years or you’ve just bought a new one, inspect it carefully for loose screws, nuts, and bolts. Clean the ladder before using it. Every minor lapse can be fatal. The dirt and grime on the steps and around the corners can heighten the risk of slipping.

      5. Listen to Your Body

      Before climbing a ladder, listen to what your body s trying to tell you. If you feel even remotely sick, sweaty or tired, stop. Don’t climb. Blood pressure spikes and sudden dizziness can trigger disastrous consequences. Remember, a clean window isn’t worth risking your health and life.

      6. Wear the Right Shoes

      When climbing the ladder or high surfaces, make sure you take full advantage of friction. Sturdy shoes with non-slip soles are indispensable. Washing windows barefoot or when wearing slippers/socks can cause you to slip even if the ladder is clean, sturdy, and well positioned.

      7. Get a Tool Belt

      Towels, sponges, squeegees, etc. should always be within reach when you’re working on a ladder. Bending, twisting and squatting to reach out for window cleaning tools can lead to dizziness and slipping. A good tool belt can take care of this problem.

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