How to Take Care of Your Windows in the Fall

      The fall is right around the corner. Have you taken care of your windows? While professional window cleaning is an integral part of any fall home maintenance, many things should accompany it.

      How to Take Care of Your Windows in the Fall

      So if you’ve called in the cleaners, you aren’t off the hook just yet. You need to take good care of anything that’s around your windows in order to make sure the seasonal window washing isn’t done in wane.


      We’ve made a list of the most important things that need to be done to keep your windows shining all season long.

      1. Take Care of Blinds and Shades

      Window blinds and shades are excellent dust collectors. While you were opening windows to get a breath of fresh air in the summer, dust, dirt, and grime were settling on your blinds. Meanwhile, such allergens as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander are bound to be polluting anything around your windows.


      So besides washing the glass and windowsills, you need to either vacuum or dust your blinds and shades. Do it before the window cleaners come.

      2. Wash Curtains and Drapes

      Curtains and drapes have been working hard to keep the hot sunshine out of your windows all summer long. They have collected a lot of dirt and dust just as the blinds did. Wash and dry your curtains thoroughly before hanging them back on clean windows.


      If your drapes are too big to fit in your laundry machine, take advantage of dry cleaning.

      3. Clean Interior Glass

      Many homeowners believe that glass gets dirty on the outside only. Meanwhile, interior glass can be terribly contaminated, especially after a hot summer. If you have pets and children in your home, the interior glass has probably suffered from fur and handprints. Kitchen windows need special attention since the interior is likely to be covered in grease.


      When you hire window cleaners, specify your need to clean interior glass. Most likely, the total cost of full cleaning won’t change much.

      4. Wash Window Screens

      Screens collect plenty of dirt and grime, which eventually settles on the glass. Before you clean your windows, make sure to remove the screens and wash them thoroughly. Do it while it’s warm out and you can hose them down in the backyard and let them dry under the sun.

      5. Check for Window Damage

      When your windows are damaged, they let moisture and drafts inside your home. Fall is an excellent time to find any damages and fix them before the cold season arrives. You can ask professional window cleaners to inspect your windows for damages during the cleaning.