How to Warm Up Your Home This Winter

      This winter is in full swing, and your energy bills are going up. Keeping your house warm during the cold winter months could be a challenge in New York. Even if you’ve skipped winterization steps in the fall, you still have a chance to improve the indoor ambiance of your home with the following simple steps. Read on! By the time you finish this article, you’ll be all set to start acting.  Your household members will say thank you.

      How to Warm Up Your Home This Winter

      1. Book a Professional Window Washing Session

      If your windows are dirty, you can’t take full advantage of a free source of heat – the sun. In the winter, the sun doesn’t seem warm. However, as it shines through the glass, it warms up the room, thus allowing you to turn the thermostat down. Dirty windows don’t allow sunrays through so consider booking a professional window cleaning session. Don’t worry. Expert cleaners work all year round. Don’t forget to keep the curtains open during the sunny days.

      2. Use Warm Blankets

      Warm blankets are cheaper than the energy you spend on central heating. They are cozier too. You can set a timer on your thermostat to lower the temperatures during the night and turn them up about 30 minutes before you wake up. Sleeping in cool temperatures is great for your health. Your skin and blood vessels will thank you. Invest in a blanket to keep you warm during cold winter nights. You can go even further and buy warmer clothing to wear at home so you can lower temperatures during the day as well.

      3. Add Insulation

      If your attic isn’t properly insulated, plenty of heat leaves your home through the roof. Inspect your attic ceilings. You can perform a simple test. Touch the ceiling all over to find spots, which are cooler than others. That’s where the insulation problem exists. You can reinforce attic insulation on your own or hire experts. Either way, the job won’t take more than a few hours. Meanwhile, it can warm up your home tremendously.

      4. Close All Gaps

      One of the main reasons homeowners turn the thermostat’s knob in the winter is cold air infiltration. To ensure none of it penetrates the home, close off all holes and cracks on the exterior of the house. Use caulk or a sealant to fill any holes you can see on the walls. Pay special attention to areas around doors, windows, and joints where the siding meets the foundation or the roof.

      5. Seal Electrical Outlets

      It may come as a surprise, but a house loses a substantial amount of heat through gaps around the electrical outlets. To deal with the problem, you can install outlet gaskets. Remove the cover plate, push the gasket over the outlet, and put the cover back. Another way to seal the outlets is to use intumescent caulk or foam. You need to remove the cover and apply the foam in the gap between the box and the wall.