Local Window Washers

      Home or office cannot be ideally cozy without clean windows. Nevertheless, that’s the task we often postpone or ignore till the sunny day when we find enough time and come into the proper mood to do the job. Many people use old recipes and available domestic tools to make windows cleaner. In the end, they often see that, after drying, windows remain blurred, so they repeat the whole working cycle… And even if they do the job thrice, they would hardly be able to make their windows perfectly clean in each tiny angle. At the same time, windows provided regular care, have an incomparably longer working lifetime. So, what could be done to solve this problem?

      Local Window Washers

      Professional washers to do the job right

      Window cleaning – professional but affordable – is the best option to consider. At Simon’s Windows you can find the terms and conditions fully adapted for your convenience. Both residential and corporate clients enjoy the high-quality of our services and recommend our company to others. The secret of our success, except the vast experience, is in human resources. Within the years we’ve been working in this industry, we have formed a reliable team of devoted local window washers who satisfy to the basic requirements implied by this specialization:

      • like true job heroes they are not afraid of working at heights;
      • they know how to deal with different lifting equipment;
      • they are responsible, punctual, self-organized;
      • educated according to our own specially developed professional program.

      In our work, we avoid to employ part-timers and non-professionals. We do quite the opposite. Simon’s Windows tends to hire people with no previous experience to train them according to our own standards we believe to be optimal. To become a member of our professional team, one has to be neat, well-groomed, friendly. All employees wear full body uniforms. We do our best to keep and motivate such people and provide good labor conditions and terms for the staff.


      Additionally, to the personal professional qualities, our team is committed to provide excellent services that assume the following:

      • proper insurance and licensing;
      • professional, client-oriented approach;
      • friendly, polite and professional attitude and manner of communication;
      • no mess left when the work is done;
      • use of eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products;
      • you do not have to remove screens or move furniture;
      • any scope of work is possible – small or big.

      Let more sunlight to your everyday life!

      Take care of your windows to make them shining and beautiful again. Create a more inviting environment at an office or at home! Clean sparkling windows add more value to a living or working space and bring more sunlight that positively influence your mood.


      You are going to like what you will see when Simon’s Windows do the job for you! No strains and mud scars – completely clean and shiny windows for the cozy space.

      Green cleaning products

      High-quality windows cleaning requires special products to be used. We refused to use aggressive chemicals and chose green cleaning materials to ensure health and safety both of our workers and clients. We believe this factor to be very important! Harsh chemicals may easily result in air pollution or serious environment damage. They affect the atmosphere and your own health condition. With Simon’s Windows you are always on the safe side.


      We also contribute to safety through proper licenses, insurance and certification. When this factor is not satisfied, the company cannot be considered professional. Simon’s Windows do cares about lives and health of its workers and customers. All staff members employed and trained by the company are provided with the license, insurance, also being properly certified. We carry industry-leading $10 million insurance policy and arrive strictly on time in neat corporate Smart cars. This fact, however, does not make our services costly – we undertake any windows cleaning tasks within reasonable and affordable prices without compromising on the quality.