Master Window Cleaning

      Dear home, you bring peace and fill up with energy. You deserve care, efforts and time. Everyone treats his own house as the most valuable place and all of us want our homes to be clean and cozy. It’s true that most of us can do this with our own efforts if we spend time and acquire good cleaning products. But when windows are concerned, the matter opens to interpretation. Can you really make your windows bright and clear on your own?

      Master Window Cleaning

      Ideally clean windows require proper upkeep

      Being so busy every day, most of us can hardly find time to climb a ladder and finally make windows shine. Each time you promise yourself to do it in the nearest weekend but all over again – you do all the routine about the house but forget about windows. And when the day finally comes, you prepare some cleaning products bought in a supermarket, cloths and sponges and climb that ladder to remove dust, dirt and moss. Two hours later, tired but satisfied, you come down from the ladder and put all tools and cleaners to their places. But as soon as the windows dry out, you notice those annoying stains on the glass! Does it sound familiar to you?


      Yes, windows cleaning with the perfect result require proper washing tools and specialized products as well as the professional approach of experts.


      The job can truly be done quickly, professionally, at the price you can afford. Entrust this task to those who can guarantee the best result when it comes to coziness and beauty of your house or office.


      Professional windows cleaning does not only require proper chemical products and tools, it may also require unique vacuum equipment mounted on trucks. You will never reach every remote external spot on your own but professional will leave no single chance to dirt and debris. Besides, if your windows are at height, it’s not worth doing the risky job trying to eliminate moss, dirt and debris on the exterior.

      Deep washing and the perfect result from Simon’s Windows Cleaning

      Deep exterior cleaning of windows is achieved by means of unique pressure washing systems – that type of equipment you hardly have at home. Siding or bricks – Simon’s Cleaning Windows company ensures the ideal result for any window no matter the shape, height and degree of fouling. You will not have to buy expensive cleaning products and wait for long hours to see the shining result.


      If you ignore windows when you do the house, it leads to the shorter period of their lifetime, miserable unkempt appearance of windows, damage of the glass and to the necessity to replace the windows which is actually a significant investment.

      Sparkling windows: how to choose a proper service provider?

      How to choose a company to let natural light into your house or office through perfectly clean windows?


      Such company should have a team of specially trained people – not part-time workers who joined the business just yesterday! It’s important. Simon’s Window Cleaning company does not rely on the knowledge of new-comers, it trains the staff according to its own program and standards to ensure the best result and make every client happy!


      It says much about the company if it cares about its own workers and provides them with the proper insurance. Window cleaning business involves high risks and cleaners working at heights should be backed by high-quality safety equipment and insurance coverage. Simon’s Window Cleaning provides COI – Certificates of Insurance to every member of the team who puts his life to danger on high-rise buildings. The respectful attitude towards workers is closely connected with the respectful attitude towards customers. Choose the company that admits its high responsibility and does the job with the best experts, high-quality tools and equipment, proper insurance and the deep multi-year knowledge of the industry.