What You Need To Know About Hard Water Staining

      When a professional window cleaner deals with your windows and glass doors, you can enjoy a shiny squeaky—clean glass for months to come. There are only a few reasons why your windows may not be as perfect as you wish. One of them is hard water staining. Windows affected by hard water for years in a row may be impossible to clean.

      What You Need To Know About Hard Water Staining

      What Are Hard Water Stains?

      Hard water staining is not easy to achieve. Usually, it happens when you don’t clean your windows for several years. Meanwhile, they are affected by tap water on a regular basis. It mostly happens to low windows or doors that suffer from constant sprinkler action every day.
      Tap water contains mineral deposits that come from limestone and other sources. As a result, the water becomes hard (the level of hardness depends on the mineral content) and affects your glass. Most of the central water systems in any given city contain mineral deposits.
      You can check the mineral deposit content in the tap water by looking at your kettle. When you boil tap water with mineral deposits, they are separated from the water itself and leave stains on kettles or pots. This is a normal process, which is not dangerous to your health.
      However, when such water hits the glass, it can become a problem. The mineral deposits build up over time making it impossible to keep the windows clean. The mineral buildup turns into a haze, which gets harder and harder to remove each year. With time, the minerals are absorbed by the glass and become impossible to remove.

      What Can You Do?

      You can try removing the hard water stains on your own by purchasing special buildup-removing products. However, if the process is neglected, you’ll probably have a hard time dealing with it.
      You can also consider hiring a professional window cleaner. In most cases, professional window cleaners have professional cleaning solutions to deal with hard water staining.
      If professional window cleaning doesn’t help, it means that the hard water has soaked into the glass and the only way out is window replacement.

      The Easy Way Out

      The easiest way to deal with hard water stains is not to allow them to form. If you clean your windows every season or at least twice a year, such formation won’t be possible. Order a professional cleaning session each season and forget about hard water staining.

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