Outdoor Cleaning Service

      Outdoor cleaning job is not the one you will perform on your own. It requires a professional approach, special instruments, equipment and cleaning products.

      Outdoor Cleaning Service

      Simon’s Windows deals with commercial window washing, removal of dirt, grease and oil – we will bring the sparkling beauty to your windows at affordable price.

      Make it shine again!

      Along with window washing, our company takes care of:

      • window sills;
      • window screens;
      • urban quiet windows;
      • mirror walls;
      • stained glass windows;
      • large French windows;
      • shower doors;
      • skylights;
      • huge mirrors;
      • chandeliers;
      • fans on the ceiling;
      • any type of a glass surface you wish to look clean and shining!

      Even those stains and gum you gave up to get rid of will finally be removed. Simon’s Windows applies powerful equipment to clean to the highest standards. Your property will get an improvement in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

      Quick result is our priority

      We save your time and always provide you with a brilliant result in the shortest possible time. Our team comes on special cars exactly by the agreed hour. Responsive managers are always ready to answer any of your questions on pricing and insurance, to solve any issues that might occur from your side. Besides, we do not offer those services that make no sense. Professionalism is the key to our reputation and success. Every worker in our team is specially trained, punctual, friendly and experienced.

      Even the most challenging task will find a solution

      Windows cleaning, no matter how innocent it sounds, can be a risky undertaking. We guarantee that all our workers are 100% qualified to work at any height. Some places may be really hard to wash and maintain but we find a solution to any task providing a flexible and individual approach. Nobody wants to have incidents at their place and we take all precautions when we do the job. Here, at Simon’s Windows, guys are not afraid of heights but never play superheroes. We do not even start when it’s not 100% safe. This is why we have a zero-incident history. We do care about peace of your mind and our workers – health and human life are above all.

      Get the service backed by insurance

      Being a leader in this industry, Simon’s Windows Company has all necessary types of insurances to protect its personnel:

      • General Liability Insurance;
      • Auto Insurance;
      • Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

      Unfortunately, the industry is still represented by numerous part-timers and cheap non-professionals. They agree to any job and often put their life at risk. When an incident happens it’s hard to say who is to blame – but for clients this becomes a terrible experience. A legitimate and professional windows cleaning specialist is fully insured. Please, note that hiring a worker from a company that cannot provide all those insurances mentioned above, you put yourself at huge risk and may become liable if something goes wrong.


      This is why, it’s always better to request a Certificate of Insurance from the company whose services you are going to use. A couple of minutes can save you millions of dollars and a lot of nerves. Ask managers if the company has a height limitation policy, if exterior window cleaning is covered by their policy, if the policy covers 1099 employees. You should choose another company when you hear at least one “NO” to any of these basic questions. Remember that trying to save some bucks you accept full liability and risk millions of dollars.

      We make clients happy and satisfied

      Simon’s Windows provides exceptionally high-quality service and full protection for both workers and clients. Each day we receive orders for work at private residencies, splendid apartments, old historic buildings, hotels, stores, commercial business centers, beautiful brownstones and luxurious houses. We truly love what we do and always want you to be happy and satisfied with the result.