Post Construction Window Cleaning Guide

      Window cleaning after construction is drastically different from the regular window washing process. The amount of dirt and debris stuck on the glass and around it can make the work tedious. You will need special tools to ensure window safety while giving it an excellent shine.

      Post Construction Window Cleaning Guide

      Hiring professional window cleaners for the post construction cleanup can save you time, money, and effort. Let’s talk about this type of cleaning if you decide to choose the DIY option.

      Tools You’ll Need

      Unlike a standard window cleaning session, which can be achieved with a glass cleaner and a squeegee, for post construction, you need heavy artillery:

      • Heavy-duty shop vacuum – a household vacuum can’t remove all the construction dirt. Meanwhile, you could damage the appliance with sharp debris.
      • Several rags – use thick shop rags made out of soft materials so they don’t scratch the glass.
      • Squeegee – buy a heavy-duty and high-quality squeegee. The construction debris can damage a regular one.
      • Glass scraper – the tool is similar to the box-cutting knife. You need it to remove the stuck debris.
      • Glass cleaner – regular glass cleaner is sufficient
      • Old newspapers

      Post Construction Window Cleaning

      Now that you’ve purchased all the tools (you may want to borrow the vacuum since it can be rather expensive), you are ready to start.

      • Use the vacuum to remove all the loose debris on and around the windows. Make sure the vacuum attachments don’t touch the glass in order to avoid scraping it. Hold it half an inch away.
      • Continue using the vacuum to remove all the dirt on the walls around the windows so it doesn’t settle back on the clean glass.
      • Use the glass scraper to scrape all the dirt, adhesive, caulk, and the rest of the debris from the window. Pay special attention to the paint.
      • Employ the glass scraper to remove the dirt from the window frames and windowsills.
      • Spray water on the dirt, which can’t be removed by scraping.
      • Use the squeegee to wipe away the saturated debris. After swiping the squeegee, clean it with a rag every time.
      • Repeat the damping and squeegeeing as many times as you need to remove all the dirt.
      • Proceed to clean the glass as usual with a glass cleaner and a clean squeegee.

      Be ready to spend the entire day dealing with post-construction window cleaning. If you want to avoid wasted time and effort as well as potential window damage, hire professional window cleaners.