Using Deionized Water For Window Cleaning

      A window cleaner is a wonderful profession, which requires precision, experience, and special knowledge. However, the tools used by the window washing experts are no less important than their expertise.

      Using Deionized Water For Window Cleaning

      For many years, commercial and residential window cleaners have been using chemical solutions to wash glass inside and out in order to produce streak-free results. Even though chemicals are doing a great job cleaning the glass, there are alternatives that are more efficient.


      The eco-friendly fashion is conquering the planet. More and more people are thinking about environmental friendliness and their health. Spraying chemicals inside a home or a building can lead to respiratory problems and even poisoning. Meanwhile, professional window cleaners, who are working with these solutions for many hours in a row, may suffer from unpleasant health-related consequences.


      So what is the alternative to the window washing detergent? Surprising or not, its deionized water. How is deionized water better for you and your windows?


      The tap water we mix our window washing solution with contains mineral traces. These minerals make it a wonderful choice for drinking. However, they interfere with the streak-free results during window washing. The streaks and residue you see when trying to clean the glass with tap water come from the minerals. That’s why you are forced to add chemicals in order to negate the mineral effects.


      The deionization procedure takes the minerals out of the equation, allowing you to wash your windows without any chemicals. Deionized water is not just clean, it attracts dirt and dust, helping you clean the windows faster and more efficiently. Meaning, you can say “no” to chemicals and use deionized water to clean your windows and other glass in the house.


      If you have access to high-quality deionized water, you can eliminate the need for a squeegee. You can wash the windows with a technique similar to power washing. A mop or a pole with a brush on the end can get the job done. Since it’s dangerous to use ladders and scaffolding to reach high windows without proper training, we recommend hiring a professional window cleaner.


      The only downside of the deionized water is that you can’t acquire it by turning the faucet on. You need to invest in a special water purification system, which is often quite expensive. That’s another reason to leave window cleaning to the professional.