Professional window cleaning is a guaranteed brilliant result!

      Over time, all glass surfaces collect rainwater streaks, insect marks, dust, and water stone. The preparations used by our specialists actively dissolve dirt and make it possible to achieve impeccable cleanliness.

      Professional window cleaning is a guaranteed brilliant result!

      Experience of more than 20 years, carefully selected and trained personnel, as well as professional products from the best world manufacturers, determine the high quality of services of the Simon’s Window Cleaning company. We can say with confidence: our specialists will be able to clean windows of any design at any height with high quality. Only shine and no streaks

      How to clean windows?

      The procedure consists of several stages:

      1. Glass washing.
      2. Cleaning the frame and mosquito nets.
      3. Wiping window sills.

      What types of window cleaning are?

      We provide services such as washing:

      • windows at home – your apartment is always light and comfortable;
      • windows in the office guarantee shiny and clean windows inside and out;
      • windows after renovation or construction. Besides, we are ready to provide comprehensive cleaning services for apartments after renovation, so that the appearance of your home or office will return to normal as soon as possible;
      • In trading areas, our specialists perform professional cleaning of windows and showcases, other elements made of glass and plastic.

      Our company carries out cleaning of office windows, advertising banners, and other elements, we provide complex cleaning services for business.

      Why do customers order window cleaning from us?

      The work will be done professionally and in a short time. You can be completely sure that the specialists will do the cleaning as accurately and efficiently as possible, because:

      • We employ competent, specially trained employees.
      • We use modern special equipment.
      • All personnel have undergone special safety training. All work is carried out very carefully, our employees will not allow scratches, chips, and other damage to appear on the glass.
      • We employ professional climbers and have equipment with which you can clean windows at any height.
      • We have extensive experience and work with various window designs.
      • We offer a reasonable cost of services. The prices of our company for cleaning and washing windows are very favorable compared to the prices of many competitors.