How To Prepare Your Home For Professional Window Cleaning

      Hiring professional window washing Brooklyn can save you time, nerves, and money. They will do all the dirty work for you and leave your windows squeaky clean. However, even the best window companies need some help from your side. Even though professional window cleaners take most of the window cleaning weight off your shoulders, some things are beyond their control. When you book a window cleaning session, you need to make a few minor preparations. Let’s go over them right here.

      How To Prepare Your Home For Professional Window Cleaning

      1. Remove The Obstacles

      Do you have a sofa standing right below your windowsill? Window cleaners will have a tough time doing their job with such a formidable obstacle in their way. If you want the cleaning process to be fast and simple, please remove all the furniture, which can interfere with the work of the window cleaning team. Window cleaners can help you deal with these obstacles upon arrival. However, the time they spend in your home will increase thus boosting the price.

      2. Lock Your Pets

      If you have cats and dogs, they may not be happy with the window cleaner’s visit to your home. Even if they get used to the team’s presence, they may interfere with the process. Even your most well behaved pet may turn a bucket of water over or jump on a window cleaner at the most unexpected moment. In case your pets don’t behave well when locked, we kindly ask you to look after them while the cleaning job is being done.

      3. Notify Neighbors

      Even though the respectable window cleaners come in marked cars and wearing uniforms, some neighbors may still worry about strangers coming up to your house and walking around your property. In order to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary 911 calls, please let your neighbors know you are expecting a window-cleaning brigade.

      4. Share Information

      If some of your windows don’t operate properly, let the window cleaning team in advance. For the safety of the workers, such windows can’t be cleaned. The same is true for cracked and damaged windows. It should only take a few minutes to make all the preparations. They can improve the quality of window washing NYC while reducing the time. When booking a professional window washing Brooklyn, it’s important to tell the operators as much as possible about the task awaiting them so they can come prepared.