When Should You Replace Your Squeegee?

      Squeegee is the most important window-cleaning tool in your arsenal. Its history goes back several centuries. Thankfully, today, we are using the modern version of the squeegee, which produces excellent results while being easy to clean and replace.
      Whether you are thinking of opting for professional window washing Manhattan or planning to do some window cleaning on your own, the squeegee should be in its top shape.
      When Should You Replace Your Squeegee?
      Even though the squeegee is a durable tool, it wears out with time. You may not notice the deterioration immediately, but your windows will. In the best case, a worn-out squeegee can make window cleaning harder. In the worst case, it may scratch your glass.

      1. Swollen Or Deformed Blade

      When you are using a squeegee on a regular basis, it may start swelling. The reason is long exposure to water. If you see that the blade is deformed or somewhat bigger than it used to be, go shopping for a new one.

      2. Cracked Plastic

      Many squeegees come with a plastic handle. More often than not, the handle starts suffering damage earlier than the blade does. If you dip the handle into the water every time you use the squeegee, it may crack. A cracked handle is hard to use. It may lead to improperly washed windows.

      3. Frequent Use

      Companies doing professional window washing Manhattan know that even the most durable squeegee can’t last longer than one project. That’s why at Simon’s Window Cleaning, we replace the squeegee or the blade each time we finish a window cleaning session. We know the importance of squeaky-clean windows and try to do everything to achieve excellent results.

      4. Both Sides Are Worn Out

      A squeegee rubber blade comes with a secret each professional knows. You can flip the rubber and use the other side. Once both of the sides are worn out, you can consider replacing the blade.

      5. Uncomfortable Use

      Sometimes squeegees seem to fit great into your hand when you buy them. However, when you start working, something doesn’t feel right. There is no reason to continue working with an unfit tool. Choose a new one. A bad tool can extend your window-washing session and lead to hand aches.

      6. New Models

      Sometimes squeegee manufacturers come up with new models. We recommend checking out novelties since they have a big potential. If you compare the 19th-century squeegee to the one we have now, you’d be surprised how inconvenient the old model looks.