A Few Interesting Facts About Friendship Day

      Many people all over the world celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. This year, the celebration comes on 6 August. Do you know what Friendship Day is all about? Why should we celebrate it at all? Even the people, who are eagerly waiting for the day to come, often know little about the holiday, it’s roots and history. Our professional window washing new york city team looked into the Day’s origins.

      A Few Interesting Facts About Friendship Day

      Some History

      The first Friendship Day was celebrated in 1935. US Congress made a decision to create a holiday in order to honor friendships. The exact reasons why the government decided to come up with such a holiday are unknown. However, if we look back at the events that rocked the world back then, we may come to a certain understanding.


      The planet was devastated by the effects of the World War I. Many people were still angry and hostile. Countries were getting ready for a new battle, which would turn out to be even more devastating than the first one. The need for friendship and celebrations was acute. Nations and individuals needed something positive to think about.

      An Annual Holiday

      It seems that creating a holiday related to friendship was an excellent decision. The Friendship Day was formally declared and became an annual celebration. Even after WWII was over and peace settled over the majority of the countries, the holiday remained. Celebrating friendship seems to be as relevant as ever any given year.

      An International Occasion

      While the USA was the only country to celebrate this holiday in 1935, with time, many other countries adopted Friendship Day. In just a few years, the holiday turned into an International celebration.


      The traditional celebration of Friendship Day involves meeting and partying with friends, giving and sending them greeting cards, flowers, and gifts. Some social organizations celebrate this holiday by hosting charity programs. Different bands organize performances to make this day even more special.

      Controversial Commercialization

      Many companies use Friendship Day for commercial purposes. They make impressive marketing efforts to lure people into buying cards, gifts, and more. They arrange festivals and concerts. Many people believe that such commercialization is taking the pure idea of everlasting friendship out of this holiday. However, no matter how commercialized it is today, this holiday still promotes friendship and kind relationships all over the globe.

      How do you celebrate Friendship Day?