5 Useful Summer Cleaning Tips

      “The objective to cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment,” – Marie Kondo
      When the summer comes, many people feel it’s time to relax and enjoy the weather. It’s hardly possible when your home is stuck in the winter phase. A few simple tips can help you prep your house for a fulfilling season.
      5 Useful Summer Cleaning Tips

      1. Declutter As Much as Possible

      While during the cold season we like to feel snug and safe inside our home, the summer calls for large and bright space. The key to enjoying your home this summer is getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff, which takes up the free space in your rooms.
      Put everything you don’t use on an everyday basis in the closets or a basement. Less clutter makes your rooms look larger.

      2. Give Your Patio a Good Scrub

      The barbecue season is upon us and your patio looks like a bird’s nest? You need to do some scrubbing. A detergent or soap solution coupled with a tough-bristled brush can do wonders. Concrete patios are usually the hardest to clean. Consider spraying paper towels with the cleaning solution and leaving them on the toughest spots. Soaking can help you get the job done.
      You may also consider a pressure washing session for your patio and driveway.

      3. Review Your Garbage Can Arsenal

      Summer heat can produce terrible smell from your garbage cans. Make sure all your cans are squeaky clean. Spray them down outdoors with a soap solution. Then put an extra lining on the bottom to prevent bad odors due to spills. Sprinkle some baking soda on top of the lining. It can absorb the unpleasant smells.

      4. Keep Your Mirrors and Windows Clean

      All the glass surfaces you have in your house should look spotless during the summer. Mirrors and windows are especially important since they set the mood for bright and sunny days. Glass needs flawless cleaning in the summer because the sunshine shows all the streaks. Consider hiring a professional window cleaning company and then continue doing touch-ups on your own.

      5. Tune Your Sprinklers

      A glass door coupled with a sprinkler can lead to substantial expenses. If the sprinkler stream reaches your glass door, make sure to move it away. Hard water stains cause glass deterioration. While it may not be visible now, in a couple of years, your doors will be in bad shape.