Residential window cleaning services near me in Manhattan, NY

      Investing in residential window cleaning services is a great idea for homeowners, more so those in Manhattan and the greater NY.


      While it may have a picturesque cityscape and skyline, the Big Apple also ranks highest in the country’s dirtiest cities. This is primarily because New York tends to accumulate grime and dust from all the traffic and skyscrapers.


      One way of clearing this dirt is by bringing in professional residential window cleaners. Since your windows are an investment, you want to keep them clean and well-maintained. That will ensure they remain beautiful and properly functional for many years to come.

      Residential window cleaning services near me in Manhattan, NY

      Why is residential window cleaning so important?

      As mentioned, clean windows add beauty and value to your home. But those are not the only reasons to wash your windows. Here’s a lowdown of all the benefits, some of which go beyond aesthetics:

      1. Improves indoor air quality

      Indoor activities like cooking, burning candles or using the fireplace can cause a buildup of grime on windows. The same is true for dust and dirt particles from the outside.


      If not cleaned off, grime on windows and sills can affect the quality of air that gets into your home. Even worse, it can lead to the growth of mold – which is known to cause severe health risks. This is why professional residential window washing may pass as a preventive measure for some health hazards.

      2. Prevents rapid window degradation

      If left to sit for a long time, acid rain and hard water damage windows over time. This is because glass is actually porous. Mineral deposits in rain water can settle in those pores, making the window look unsightly and damaging it in the process.


      Similarly, a build-up of dirt and debris tends to degrade glass windows. That is why it’s always a good idea to hire residential window washing services as a preventive measure.

      3. Increases energy efficiency

      Clean windows can help heat your Manhattan home. This is because washed windows allow the sun’s rays into the house, providing you with free heat. To the contrary, grime and dirt build-up block sun rays from reaching the inside of your house.


      As a result, dirty windows may force you to crank up the heater to compensate for the low indoor temperatures. And this can push your energy bill to the higher side. That is to say, residential window cleaning services may help protect your home’s energy efficiency.

      4. More natural light

      Dirty windows often block most – if not all – the natural light from filtering into the house. This may not sound like a big deal, but it can actually make a good home look dark and dingy.

      Worse yet, a constant lack of exposure to natural light can prevent your body from producing vitamin D. It also affects your mood, focus, circadian rhythm and ability to sleep.


      Still on matters light, clean windows improve the view from your house. This is something that we all need and deserve, whether it’s a modest or scenic view. Plus, clean can help you create a good impression on your guests.

      5. Better curb appeal

      Dirty windows dull the overall look of a house. On the other hand, well-cleaned windows can make a home shine and look great.


      The best residential window washing companies don’t just stop at the exterior of your window. They thoroughly clean the interior as well. In doing so, they give your home a major curb appeal, which can come in handy when you want to sell the house or to make an impression of any kind.


      At Simon’s Window Cleaning, we go one step beyond. Our service catalogue doesn’t end at residential window washing. Rather, we also clean pretty much anything that’s made of glass.


      This includes storm windows, skylights, modern & antique mirrors, glass & mirrored walls, sills, screens, chandeliers and many more. By keeping all these things sparkly clean, our team of experts ensures that your home always looks its best.

      How often should residential windows be cleaned?

      A good rule of thumb is to clean your residential windows at least twice per year. However, if your home is on a busy street – which is mostly the case for Manhattan houses – then you may want to make it three times a year.


      Similarly, new buildings and newly installed windows require more frequent cleaning – up to four times. This is because new window glasses often have stubborn stains which are caused by glass sealant. The stains require a lot more time and effort to wash off.


      Despite the aforementioned, there’s really no limit to the number of times you can clean your residential windows. In fact, there are many reasons to do it more than two or three times per year. For instance, more frequent cleaning can prevent allergic reactions while also clearing rain and acid water stains from the windows.


      If you are not sure how often to clean your Manhattan residential windows, contact us and we will provide a recommendation based on your exact location and types of windows. In case you live outside New York, you may search for residential window washing services near me and seek out the opinion of reputable residential window cleaners in your area.

      How much does it cost to clean the windows?

      If you have a window cleaning project, you are probably wondering, how much should I pay someone to clean my windows?


      Residential window washing costs vary from place to place and depending on the size, shape and location of the window. In New York, for example, residential window cleaners charge on average $17 to $26 to clean a standard window. Window washing costs range from $54 to $98 per hour.


      Keep in mind that these are general residential window washing costs. Every company will have its own pricing strategy. If you want to get a more accurate quote for your window cleaning, click here and select “Estimate Request”.


      For those who live outside New York, try searching for residential window washing near me. Companies often provide a free quote or pricing criteria that you may use to estimate cost.

      How much does it cost to clean inside and outside windows?

      A majority of residential window washing companies offer inside and outside cleaning for the same price. Again, this may range anywhere from $17 to $26 for window cleaning and $54 to $98 for window washing in New York.


      You can always get the precise figure by requesting a quote. And if you live outside Manhattan or New York, try searching online for residential window cleaners near me. This will bring up residential window cleaning services that you may contact for cost estimates.

      Is window cleaning worth it?

      Hiring professional residential window washing and cleaning is worth it for many reasons. Top on the list is safety.


      Without the right gear and experience, window cleaning can be dangerous, especially if the home has two or more stories. You need an expert who can safely climb up ladders and handle hazardous cleaning tools. They should also be able to find their way around tricky areas of the house and clean every window.


      These are typically things that many people can’t do without posing the risk of accident and/or injury to themselves and others. That’s why we always recommend you call the professionals at Simon’s Window Cleaning. There are additional reasons why you need a pro to clean your residential windows:

      • It’s a tough job. You will certainly need to lug around a ladder, squeegee, bucket and cleaners. This can prove quite difficult if you are not trained for the job.
      • Requires skill. You may have clean water and the best window cleaner but still end up with ugly streaks and smudgy areas on your windows after cleaning them. Why? Because there’s a skill involved, including the most effective squeegee movements.
      • It can take time. DIY window cleaning requires you to set aside several hours of your day. That’s not the case for professional residential window cleaners. Since they do the task several times a day, they naturally build up speed and can get the same work done in half the time or less.
      • A pro can spot structural problems. Whether it’s a broken window seal or severely degraded glass, an expert can identify the issue. In doing so, they may help you notice problems before they become too serious. Therefore, professional residential window cleaning services may help maintain the integrity of your house.

      Get affordable residential window cleaning services in NY

      With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Simon’s Window Cleaning provides top of the line residential window cleaning and window washing services in Manhattan, NY. Our team of over 40 trained professionals takes utmost pride in giving New York windows the sparkle they deserve.


      Thanks to our regular training, all our window cleaning experts have mastered efficiency and accuracy. They deliver window cleaning services fast and in an unobtrusive manner, ensuring that you can carry on with your homely activities without any distractions. Many of our clients love us because:

      • Simon’s Window Cleaning is a full-service company. We clean interior and exterior parts of a window for the same price.
      • Our residential window cleaning services are usually available the next day after you contact us.
      • We have top-notch, highly trained professionals who use modern cleaning equipment.
      • Thanks to our special safety training programs, our team carries out all cleaning work without endangering themselves or the people, pets and property in the home.
      • Our vast experience allows us to clean all types of windows, no matter how high up they are.
      • We offer cleaning services beyond windows. These include sills, screens, frames, storm windows, skylights, doors, mirrors, chandeliers, shower doors and any other glass surfaces. We also remove and re-install air conditioners.  
      • Our services are affordable.

      Request for a quote today and see how we break down the cost of our residential window cleaning services.