Residential Window Cleaning

      How to improve the look of your home? How to make it more inviting and cozier? It does not require much money! You just need to add windows cleaning to house cleaning routine.

      Residential Window Cleaning

      Window cleaning is often undeservingly ignored by home owners. However, for the curb appeal of your house, this job should stand first among home routine priorities!


      But, please, do not try to climb the ladder on your own! Save your nerves, time and achieve a much better result with professional help of Simon’s Windows in NY!


      In this article we are going to name a number of essential reasons why you should rely on the qualified and experienced windows cleaning team like ours!

      Stay Safe

      You can be brave, young and athletic but climbing up on a ladder remains the risky part of the job. Even if you belong to the minority of people who have no fear of heights, accidents can happen to anyone. You can slip as well as your ladder, you can lose your footing or face other unpleasant accidents. Falling may cause a serious injury with a long period of recovery, and medical bills to be paid. And pain, of course.


      The older you are, and less physically prepare, the risk is even higher. This risk can easily be avoided by hiring a specialized window washing company like ours. Our workers are properly insured and well-trained to avoid accidents.

      Stay Healthy

      Spring is the season when most of people finally decide to wash their windows. They buy all those bottles containing chemicals and get the long and laborious process started. Few of them think about the impact that could possibly be caused by those cleaning substances. Some chemicals are dangerous to breathe in. When you spray cleaners close to your face, you can easily ingest them. This is why, it’s best to let this job be done by others – some professional team who would use eco-friendly products in your house.

      No need to buy cleaners

      If you compare how much you spend on cleaning products with the cost of residential windows cleaning, you would come to the conclusion that the second option is more economically viable!  Besides, you won’t spend them all in a time while remains will soon get outdated and become no longer effective.

      Free time

      If you do clean windows sometimes, you surely know how time-consuming this process is. Especially, when your house has more than one stories and many windows. At the same time, living in a dusty area, with frequent precipitation, you have to wash windows more than once every month to keep them clean and your house – cozy. So, it can steal several days from you every year.

      Do you really want to spend your free time like this?

      Professional approach

      Admit it, no matter how much time you will spend, how many cleaning products you will buy and how high you will climb that ladder, you will never achieve those results that will be provided by a professional team.

      No bugs anymore

      Few people know that window cleaning by professionals also assumes a good bonus – reduction of bugs. These tiny creatures feel rather well and multiply in residential windows sills, behind shutters, on the glass and screens. It’s quite unpleasant for residents and damaging for windows. Specialists in window washing do away with bug and wasp nests, beehives and so on. Do not let this insect story to grow big.

      Get the life of your windows extended

      It goes without saying, that windows enjoying regular care, serve considerably longer. Especially when this care is provided by a specialized company. Remove debris, dirt, dust, bugs, corrosion, streaks left by old aluminum screens from your windows with the help of Simon’s Windows! It is cheaper than new windows.


      Trying to clean windows on your own, climbing the ladder, you risk to damage them. The ladder placed in the wrong position can slide aside and damage the siding or the sill. Besides, you can get the glass cracked if you press too hard. Elimination of such damages is rather expensive. If you once invested in these windows, make the most of this investment by prolonging their lifetime with pro cleaning. They can look great for long years!

      Order windows cleaning services today

      Be safe and healthy! Let your windows shine and serve longer! Get rid of pests! Enjoy the sparkling excellent view of your windows as well as the landscape you can see from inside! See the striking difference between DIY cleaning and professional one! It’s simple and affordable with Simon’s Windows!