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      Simon's Advocates Get Rewards

      For years, Simon's has been New Yorkers' go-to window cleaning company.

      Customers were choosing Simon's over and over again referring usto theirfriends,relatives, colleagues.

      We've received an unlimited amount of love and praise and now isthe time to amplify the love - Simon's window cleaning is launching it'sfirst and foremostreferral program!

      You will be generously rewarded forjust being you - ourloyal customer who spreadsthe good word about Simon'sservices. Scan our QR code to getstarted with Simon's Referral Program. Now you know - we love you back!

      How It Works

      Enrolling is straightforward - scan our QR code and download application or simply use a browser version.

      When you refer us to your friends, colleagues, relatives using the app you get $20 just for the verified referral!

      If a person you referred us to schedules their window cleaning appointment with Simon's you will get $40 for sold referral.

      When 5 of your referrals have their windows cleaned by us you receive a $60 additional bonus.

      With Simon's Referral Program your payouts are uncapped. Spread the good word about Simon's Window Cleaning and get rewarded.

      Help your close ones find the best window cleaning company and get paid!

      *payouts are processed on a monthly basis.
      **currently servicing Manhattan and Brooklyn areas.

      List of Terms:

      Advocate - Anyone who creates an account by downloading SSP Referrals App or via web app, a person who speaks well of Simons' Window Cleaning company, products, services and can send a referral.

      Sales Reps - Your window cleaning technician who promotes the SSP Referrals App and signs you up for the App.

      Unverified Referrals - New Lead or starting stage of the referral; the referral has been submitted but not reviewed by an employee.

      Verified Referrals - Appointment Completed or Contract Signed, the referral is not sold, but has a potential to be sold. When this happens, Advocates are typically rewarded for the lead with a small bonus.

      Sold Referrals - Once the process is finalized, such as a window cleaning being completed, referral is considered Sold.

      Join our referral program $$$

      Simon's Window Cleaning, an expert in it's field with more than 16 years of experience welcomes you to participate in it's referral program where real money are paid.