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      Maintain your safety with Simon’s Skylight Window Cleaning’s Expert Services in NYC. Our window cleaning professionals are trained to meet new OSHA and ANSI regulations. Get reliable, near-by residential and commercial window washing services in New York City. Learn more from our informative articles.

      Adapting To the New OSHA and ANSI Regulations

      At the first glance, window cleaning might seem to be a harm-free business, but the hazardous conditions many window washers face may lead to injuries and even deaths. In 2017, OSHA adopted new regulations to update the industry standards on walking-working surfaces. These regulations help prevent and reduce slips and falls in addition to other problems window washers face. OSHA specialists believe that these new updates can prevent almost 6,000 injuries per year.
      While OSHA is working hard to keep the workers safe, the businesses have to be proactive in adapting to the new regulations by fulfilling some requirements.