Why is self-cleaning windows difficult?

      Washing windows, signboards, and facades. Any objects at any time of the year. Flexible system of discounts.

      Why is self-cleaning windows difficult?

      Our advantages:

      • Low prices – in comparison with our competitors.
      • Special conditions for regular and new customers. Flexible system of discounts and bonuses. Short terms of service execution. Quick check-out and work without interruption.

      Why is it better to entrust the work to the specialists of our company?

      Firstly, you will once and for all forget about the unpleasant consequences of any repairs and will be able to immediately move into the apartment. The accumulation of dust on the walls, traces of paint on the window sills, the remains of adhesive tape on the floor, and unsightly stains on the windows – a comprehensive cleaning of premises after renovation or construction will quickly save you from these problems.

      Secondly, we carry out the work as accurately as possible. Attempts to independently remove dirt from various surfaces can damage new finishing materials. With us, window cleaning takes place without risks: the cleaners accurately select detergents for specific types of glass.

      Do I need to be at home during a professional window cleaning?

      Not necessarily – just leave the cleaner to work alone and go on business. Washing windows with Simon’s Window Cleaning company is easy and safe. The radiant cleanliness of the windows pleases the eye and ensures the comfort of the people inside. For a presentable appearance, the glass must be clean. In large metropolitan areas, dust quickly appears on glass surfaces, and a considerable number of factories and car exhausts make dust corrosive – this contributes to pollution.

      But washing windows, balconies, and loggias in the apartment:

      a tiring and sometimes even dangerous procedure, especially for people with a weak vestibular apparatus; very expensive, because to wash the windows of even a small apartment, you need to buy a lot of special cleaning products.

      Washing windows yourself is an outdated and dangerous practice

      Many people wash the glazing on their own. Housewives clean the windows in homes, and regular cleaners in offices. But this practice has serious drawbacks: Low quality. Household products will not keep windows perfectly clean. Will an ordinary cleaner be able to wash all the grooves in the metal-plastic profile, clean the seals, wash away paint splashes? Time wasted. Even for several apartment windows, the hostess has to kill half a day. And cleaning the glazing of an entire office complex is generally a huge amount of work.