Safety Measures For Window Cleaning

      The time to clean your windows has come and you bought all the necessary equipment. What are the next steps? Diving straight into the process may be a dangerous choice. Did you know that window cleaning is considered one of the most dangerous professions in the world? Only proper safety precautions can help you get the job done right. In order to avoid the risk of injury and lethal situations, any homeowner has to go through some safety concerns.

      Safety Measures For Window Cleaning

      1. The Right Ladder

      If you make a decision to clean high windows, you need a ladder. People, who climb chairs and tables, or worse, put chairs on tables to reach higher, are risking their lives. The United States is the world leader of deaths from ladder use. Every year more than 300 people die after falling from ladders. More than 160,000 people end up in the emergency room with ladder fall related injuries.

      What to consider when choosing and using a ladder for window cleaning:

      • Each ladder has a certain weight capacity. Before buying just any ladder, check the maximum weight capacity. If you exceed it, you are bound to be injured. The ladder may break or fold unexpectedly.
      • Make sure to choose the right ladder height. Many ladder injuries happen when people use a ladder, which is too short for the task. In order to extend the height of the ladder, many homeowners place it on top of something or try to reach out, which is a terrible mistake.
      • Using an old or damaged ladder is the first step to injury. All ladders have a shelf life. Worn ladders are more prone to breaking when used, especially if they have to bear too much weight. Using a ladder in any other way than the manufacturer intends is another common reason for injuries. When working on a ladder, always have three contact points with the ladder (foot, foot, hand or hand, hand, foot).
      • Make sure to position the ladder the right way. Don’t place it in front of an unlocked door or on an uneven surface. 

      2. Safe Supplies

      Many people believe that they need harsh chemicals in order to get the windows clean. In reality, all you need is dish soap and water. While harsh cleaners may be harmful to your health (this can be linked to my previous article about chemicals) they can damage your windows. If you still believe that you need anything stronger than soap to do the cleaning, protect your hands and face by wearing gloves and a mask.

      Pay special attention to the type of glass you are cleaning. Not all window panes respond well to scratching. Improper use of tools and chemicals can leave you with scratched glass.

      3. Smart Help

      The best and the safest way to keep your windows clean is to hire a professional. The pro window cleaners get special training to keep the risks to a minimum. Meanwhile, they have insurance covering any incidents that occur during window cleaning.

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