Choosing The Best Windows For Your Basement

      Should your basement have windows? The only answer to this question is yes. While installing such a window can add to your window cleaning new jersey chores, the benefits of having even the smallest window in the basement are overwhelming.

      Choosing The Best Windows For Your Basement

      In case you are using the basement as an extra living space, even if it’s just for a guest room, you need a natural light source. During the day, you should have an opportunity to open the blinds and enjoy the natural light while reducing energy costs. window cleaning new jersey.


      If you decide to install a double-pane window in your basement, you can cut your energy bills since it can keep the heat inside your home during the cold winter months. In the summer, they can maintain cool temperatures in your basement, thus making it an excellent place for storage, workouts, and other uses.


      A basement window doesn’t just let the light inside, it allows you to bring fresh air into the room. Without a fresh air source, basements are prone to bacteria and mold formation, high humidity and other problems, which hinder your health and lead to extra expenses.

      3 Common Basement Window Types

      Once you’ve made a decision to install a window in your basement, which one should you choose? Let’s take a look at the common types.

      1. Hopper Window

      If you don’t know what’s best for your basement, go for a hopper window. Such a window has hinges on the bottom and opens from the top. The simple construction and operation make these windows last long while offering all the benefits of a regular window. Hopper windows come in different sizes to accommodate all types of basements.

      2. Awning Window

      The second most popular choice for the basement is an awning window. Unlike the hopper window, it has hinges on top and opens from the bottom. This design creates an awning over your window allowing you to open it during rain or snow without letting the precipitation inside. These windows are suitable for all basement types.

      3. Picture Windows

      Picture windows are an excellent choice for basements that are used as living space since they offer a maximum amount of natural light. However, picture windows don’t open. So if you are after fresh air and not just natural light, you need to add hopper or awning windows as well.

      Other Things To Consider

      Basement windows usually require higher security than regular windows. They also need additional cleaning since they are prone to hard water stains due to sprinklers and other water sources. You may also consider privacy glass for your basement window. window cleaning new jersey.