Moved To A New Customer Service Office

      We are glad to announce that Simon’s Window Cleaning has moved to a new customer service office. We assure our clients that the recent move doesn’t interfere with our work. All our prior orders have been processed as usual. What’s more, all new requests are being taken gladly in the ordinary course.
      We’ve been working in the area for over a decade and know all the ins and outs of the window cleaning business. Whether you are planning to hire a window washer to clean your bungalow windows or need help with the windows on a high-rise building, we’re always there to give you more than a helping hand.

      Moved To A New Customer Service Office

      On-Budget Cleaning

      We understand that some of our customers are on a tight budget. That’s why we’re happy to offer a variety of flexible pricing options for anyone who wants to enjoy squeaky clean windows, and save money in the process. We have a team of experienced specialists who’re well-equipped to give you exactly what you need. Give us a call or visit our new office to discuss on-budget options.

      Quick Solutions

      Dirty windows in your home or office can be downright annoying. At the same time, looking for a picture perfect window washer, seeking quotes, and booking a team can be a time-consuming process. At Simon’s Window Cleaning, we bring all of these services to your fingertips at one click of a mouse. We’ve recently given our company a face-lift and come up with a brand new website that allows you to take full advantage of our services.

      Always On Call

      Our move to the new office helps us stay in touch with our clients. We’re glad to give you quotes, advice, and any just about other information – Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm.

      New Home, Old Values

      Even though we now have a brand new home, we haven’t forgotten about our old values. We strive to keep our commitment of 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee. We understand the importance of returning clients and make sure you come back to us every time you need a window cleaned. We’re proud to give you an opportunity to keep the windows sparkling for as long as possible without having to worry about touch-ups.
      Our new customer service office is glad to welcome our new and returning clients. Give us a call or a fill out a form on the website to start enjoying your freshly clean windows as early as tomorrow, or maybe even sooner!

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