4 Glass Shower Door Cleaning Tips

      Cleaning glass is a complicated task, regardless of its location. Many window companies in New York specialize in cleaning all the glass in your home. You can combine window cleaning queens with glass shower door cleaning. However, shower doors tend to get dirty more often than windows. That’s why homeowners often do the cleaning themselves. We would like to share a few professional tips for cleaning glass shower doors and other glass surfaces in your home.

      4 Glass Shower Door Cleaning Tips

      1. Wipe The Door After Each Use

      Shower doors are much more prone to hard water stains than windows. You can clean up the soapy buildup, but hard water stains damage your glass, making it almost impossible to make it transparent again. In order to avoid glass damage, we recommend wiping the glass shower door with a dry microfiber cloth after each shower. This can keep your glass looking excellent for a long time.

      2. Invest In A Squeegee

      Squeegee is an irreplaceable tool for all window companies. It can become your favorite weapon against streaks as well. Cleaning glass shower doors and other glass surfaces with a squeegee is fast and easy. Keep one in your bathroom at all times. Some squeegees come in fun colors and can become a great part of your restroom décor.

      3. Use An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

      Shower cleaning sprays you buy in the stores are expensive. They also contain many chemicals, which may negatively affect your lungs. People with respiratory problems suffer from using such sprays every day. Thankfully, a homemade cleaning solution is easy to make. All you have to do is mix one cup of water, half a cup of vinegar, and a little dish detergent. You could add 10 – 20 drops of essential oils for a good scent or squeeze a lemon into the solution.

      4. Don’t Skip Professional Cleanings

      Even if you diligently follow your excellent glass shower door maintenance schedule, you should still consider getting it professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Whenever you book a window cleaning queens session, you can ask to get your shower door cleaned as well. Biannual deep cleaning can be beneficial for all the glass surfaces in your home, making your touch-up efforts much easier. Glass requires plenty of care to look excellent. It’s up to you to keep your surface sparkling clean and shiny all year long. It’s up to professional window and glass cleaners to make this job much easier.